Tuesday, August 31, 2010

recent thrift store finds

Thrift stores have been bountiful these days. Here are just a few of my recent scores.

vintage lavender pleated dress $7.99
vintage tapestry maxi toggle coat $9.99
hmmm, not sure if Southern California weather will allow for such a coat, but it was too amazing to pass up.
I found several of these 80s sequin bustier tops at a thrift store in Lancaster, CA, the other day. $7.99 each (kind of expensive) I only purchased 2 -- 1 for me, and 1 for the shop.
Here is what I'd likely pair mine with:
Thank you thrift stores.
thrift store_effected

anniversary ribs

To celebrate our 1 year of living together, Pete and I went to Naple’s Rib Company, to get ourselves some ribs. Though I don’t have a southern accent, “Ribs” is the only word that I naturally pronounce with a southern twang. I guess it’s in my blood. It was a real hoot dressing up all fancy just to get some ribs. The ribs were damn good; if you’re ever in Long Beach & have a hankering for some, I suggest you go to Naple’s Rib Company.
in Naples, Long Beach
gold & blue
We went for a walk afterward around Naples - a small tucked-away upscale neighborhood in Long Beach. It was chilly enough at night for me to wear my vintage blue babydoll coat with velvet trim. The “heat wave” only lasted for 2 days!

Though Pete & I celebrated our 1 year of living together, our story is much older than that. When I was 18 and dating a giant of a man, literally, he was 6ft 6.6", I saw Pete for the first time. He had long hair back then, longer than I’ve ever had, and he wore it in a pony tail, thrown to the side. He was wearing greasy coveralls and worked at the local hot rod shop. His shop nickname was “Shaggy.” I sat on the curb, while my then boyfriend, talked shop. Pete came out into the sunlight and looked at me with his big beautiful brown eyes. I didn’t really remember him until three years later when I met him through a very good friend of mine. This very good friend, turns out, was best friends with Pete. He, however, remembered me, and pursued me often, until we started dating when I was about 23. We dated for about a year, but he was a workaholic then and had commitment issues, and I needed lots of attention that he couldn’t give, so we broke up. I continued to go from one boyfriend to the next, living in the moment, and never expecting too much from these relationships, except fun & companionship. About 2.5 years ago, on Pete’s 30th birthday, he declared his undying love for me, whispering to me as we danced across the room, “you’re my girl.” I promptly broke up with my then boyfriend, and Pete and I started dating again soon after. For the first time, I feel I’m in a relationship with someone who’ll “walk the line” for me. Besides being steadfast, he’s tender, sensitive, smart, funny, handsome, and adventurous. And he loves ribs as much as I do! I am a lucky gal!

Outfit- vintage 60s gold dress, vintage wool jacket w/velvet cape, and Elie Tahari shoes (everything thrifted except AA tights)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Right to Bear Arms

Jeremy Scott
Boy, do I covet this outfit from Jeremy Scott's "Right to Bear Arms" Collection from Spring 2007. I love the 80s inspired, ridiculously huge telephone & telephone cord print! I'm not sure how I can get a hold of this piece. About 6 months ago, I saw Jeremy Scott strolling around the Rose Bowl Flea Market in an eccentric outfit, while I was selling vintage clothing. I almost asked him if he had this outfit lying around his studio & if he could sell it to me, but I wussed out. So, if anyone has the hook up for this outfit, please let me know.


I'll be posting later with some pics of what I wore to celebrate my 1-year anniversary living with Pete.

Friday, August 27, 2010

fun outfits from the Archives

Do I look like Fran Drescher in "the Nanny" in this? I'm wearing an 80s Vintage Emanuel Ungaro jacket (much like Marc Jacob's Fall 2009 80s inspired big-shoulder jackets), 80s bandage checkered dress (tucked in), 80s suede color block skirt, checkered tights, and vintage Calvin Klein orange pumps. Love this outfit. I was so proud of it, that I rushed over to my girlfriend's house across the street, so that she could take a picture.
I sold this 80s splatter paint dress on Ebay because I thought it made me look too flat chested. I still, however, love the print. Here it is paired with my favorite jacket of all time:
elliott & i
Here I am in London wearing an 80s "pop art" bandage dress, with LLTT holster bag (made by Elliott, whom I'm laughing at), and vintage hush puppies. I also sold this dress on Ebay, not really sure why.
Beautiful 60s chiffon pleated ruffle maxi dress was too big for me, so I sold it on Ebay. This was my guitar, but I'm no guitarist, so I donated it to some creative kids in need.
I don't even know where this 60s tshirt dress is.

These photos highlight how I'm totally nuts. haha.

everything thrifted.

Have a great weekend!

I just wanted to see you so bad

The moon hung brightly, streaking the ocean with gold and orange, and Lucinda Williams’ bluesy gravel voice poured forth, streaking my mind with visions of bad boys, love lost, the forlorn, alcoholics, and Louisiana in all its shades. She sang a lot of her older songs like ‘Big Red Sun,”, “Crescent City”, and “I Just Wanted to See You So Bad” from her self-titled album, released in 1988. These songs are close to my heart. Through every broken relationship (and there have been many), they have been my friend. I can’t tell you how many times her songs have made me want to jump in my Jeep, towards Lousiana, with nothing but a song in my heart. Yesterday, when she sang, “Lake Charles,” I nearly burst into tears. God bless her, she is the best!
I was so in love with my outfit from last night, and this is the only half-way decent picture I could get of it. As such, I will be posting some fun outfits from the archives in a 2nd post.

Outfit deets- 70s floral sheer dress, vintage Justin boots, vintage 50s cowboy hat. - everything thrifted, but the cowboy hat, which I bought at an antique mall.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It' a Girl!

I find myself dressing like a bona fide girl as of late.
50s baby blue beaded wiggle dress
This 50s baby blue beaded wiggle dress has pockets, and never unwrinkles -- it must be linen.
90s pale "Guess" dress. It's hard to see the print because the dress is a pale pastel green. I'm generally not a big fan of 90s dresses (unless they're 90s executive) but I like the cut, color, & simplicity of this one.

I'm going to see Lucinda Williams perform at the Queen Mary in Long Beach tonight. I am so excited; she is one of my favorites, up there with Neil Young. Chrissie Hynde’s new band, Chrissie Hynde, J.P. & the Fairground Boys, will be performing also.

Outfit # 1 - everything thrifted but Aldo shoes.
Outfit # 2 - everything thrifted (pics by Tor Saharopulos)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "Book of Common Prayers" shorts

book of common prayers shorts
The minister of fashion brings you "The Book of Common Prayers" shorts, featuring Latin text. Apparently, the Book of Common Prayers was translated into Latin in 1560, one year after the the publication of the Elizabethan Prayer Book, as a need was felt for a prayer book in Latin, for the use of those in universities. History aside, these shorts are sweeet, and I felt blessed when I found them in the thrift store. Sometimes, I feel that some powerful force compels me to go to the thrift store even when I am hesitant, knowing that scores lay ahead. For instance, last week at lunch break, I was on the fence about going to the thrift store because it was hot outside & I didn’t want to walk, but a voice inside me declared "Go forth, child." And thank the Lord that I heeded the call because I hit the jackpot. I’ll post some of my finds later this week. I did find the boots that I’m wearing in today’s post, and I love them; they’re perfect!
The book of common prayers shorts
minister of fashion
new vintage thrifted boots

Looks like it’s gonna be a heat wave in Southern California for the first time all summer. Since So. Ca summer weather has had such a late start this year, I hope it means it’ll extend into Fall. Fingers crossed.

Outfit - 90s silk tank top w/pocket, Book of Common Prayers shorts, woven hat, and 90s ankle boots (all thrifted). Wendy Hil purse.

More info on the Book of Common Prayers here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

candy colored 60s

I have some sweet 60s vintage up on nakedcowgirl Etsy. Check out more great stuff here. This is my half-ass attempt at promoting my store.

baby blue

Here I go again – exploiting my cute lil’ niece, Anna, for my fashion blog,- though I doubt she minds, considering we’re on the same ham frequency. I would have loved to show you more pictures of my blue sparkly jumpsuit, but my undergarments were showing, and it just ruined the outfit. My niece was rushing me out the door, and I had no time for styling.

Anna’s outfit - vintage knit elephant dress (thrifted), shoes (Vans)
my outfit - vintage blue sheer disco jumpsuit (thrifted), shoes (Aldo)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

recent outfits

Outfit # 1 - worn to work, sans the green 70s floppy hat. thrifted H&M dress, Rodarte for Target tights, Nine West Shoes, vintage filigree necklace from etsy, thrifted snake-skin belt, thrifted peach knit sweater.
Outfit # 2: Stripes, Polka Dots, and Pukey-Green Vest
not sure was inspired this outfit, though I love the 90s vest (thrifted), everything else thrifted also. Though my bottoms look like a skirt, they're actually shorts.
Outfit 3: thrifted mocha tent dress
IMG_8886I love the free shape of this tent dress; it makes me like a tiny dancer. Though this dress is thrifted, it's not vintage. (no label inside). I'm wearing Nine West shoes, and aqua AA socks.
The simplicity of the dress vaguely reminds me of this dress:
we'll it's another beautiful day in the LBC. In a few hours, I'll be celebrating my brother's birthday & I'll also have my niece for the weekend. I'm hoping to squeeze in some time to take some pictures for Etsy. Has anyone noticed I'm the worst business promoter ever? haha! Bon weekend, friends!

last photo taken by Tor Saharopulos, work buddy extraordinaire.
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