Saturday, October 29, 2011

paisley mini

I've always loved a paisley print, even if the fashion world accepts it and rejects it with the same fickleness as a young pretty girl towards her many suitors, which is why it's best to just ignore what they have to say when it comes to what's in and what's out (though of course paisley is in again (see Jill Sander Spring 2012)). I can't wait to show you my neon 60s paisley suit I purchased a few months back. Anyway, this has been my standard Fall outfit really - a mini skirt, sweater, and tights. It's easy. I don't have to much to say on the matter of clothes this morning, got to return to the task or sorting through my massive wardrobe and then perhaps go for a skate. Happy Day to you, folks.

Outfit: vintage paisley skirt, vintage sweater, Cole Haan penny loafer (thrifted), AA tights.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

purple disco platforms!

This is what I wore to sell at the Veteran's Stadium Flea Market in Long Beach a few weekends ago. I believe my outfit was slightly influenced by Tsumori Chisato's pastel infused and playful Fall 2011 line, which I went bonkers for, along with many other internet folks.
some pretty dresses we were selling

Stacy's new vintage Coach bag
I always manage to spend a good chunk of the money I make on more vintage. In this case, I found a pair of 70s purple disco platforms at my neighbor's booth for $20! I can't resist a deal even if I am on a budget. I'm afraid I make a very boring conversationalist after scoring a new vintage piece. I just want to talk about the new item incessantly and there's really not much worthwhile to say: "And they're made in Brazil, and check out this leather, and only $20, and very much the kind of shoes Iris would wear in Taxi Driver, just look at em, etc, etc...." Poor Stacy and poor folks who walk into our tent and make the mistake of complimenting my shoes. Here they are:
When shots are taken from this angle and I look so diminutive, I can't help but think I look like a hood ornament.


Crystal Lee

Outfit: vintage denim jumper, vintage pastel sweater (thrifted), boots (Nine West), purple platforms (Vet Stadium Flea Market).

Monday, October 24, 2011

start wearing purple

Goodness gang, it’s been a while. As you know, it’s much harder to be a prolific blogger when shooting with film, but for me it makes all the difference in presenting an image that is nostalgic and lo fi, and affords me the chance to rebel in little ways against modern technology. My little bigger sister took these photos with my point & shoot and I think she did a pretty good job. Of course, I judge a photographer on how good my hair looks in the pictures. Haha.

Now normally I don’t wear polyester because it’s a real sweat box as I’m sure you know, but in this instance, I love how the material maintains the stiff shift dress shape. And it’s a fun dress that compliments my recently thrifted watermelon purse!

I’m in good form these days, buckaroos. I’ve stuck to my word, and I’ve been purging my closet like crazy with flea markets and garage sales. It feels so good to get rid of the excess. I’ve also been working out pretty regularly, so I’ve got a lot more energy. And you know what else: I’ve started a budget for the first time in my life. Last week, I went three days without hardly spending a penny! I took the train to work instead of driving (and finally finished reading“A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”, probably the most contemporary book I’ve ever read). I brought my breakfast and lunch to work. I feel good. How are you doing this lovely, miraculous, Fall?

Outfit: 70s purple polka dot dress, watermelon purse (thrifted), Nine West shoes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

San Francisco: We're Walking

North Beach

Nob Hill

in Alamo Square

Pacific Heights

this antique crochet top is my favorite. there's that orange purse again.

loved this font and the dusty/dirty pink color.

North Beach

Musee Mechanique

I'm beat

Pete and I must have walked about 15 miles the weekend that we were in San Francisco. While there, I was even considering buying some trainers to wear for all the uphill walking, but alas I still couldn’t bring myself to choose comfort over fashion. But walking was probably the best way to see San Francisco. The buildings are so intricately detailed (see all the ladies’ faces adorning the buildings) and beautifully color coordinated. The skies are the most uplifting blue and the clouds hover big and white over hillsides.

It is truly an inspiring town, and all our extensive walking was rewarded with the most yummy eats. We ate at Herbivore, where I had the best vegan dish ever; Chili Pies and Ice Cream, where Pete ate a Chili Pie with frito chips - a New Mexican classic, and I had a vegetarian chili stew , followed by a delicious peach pie, which we shared; and then Dumplings and Buns which serves up some tasty dim sum. The problem with Dim Sum is I can’t stop eating it; I eat some and dim sum more. We ate a whole lot more, but these were the highlights or our feasting frenzy in San Francisco.

We visited parts of San Francisco that we hadn’t been to before including the posh Pacific Heights neighborhood, where we went into Ralph Lauren (with our Goodwill bags), and were treated very well (they complimented my suit too) even though we had no intention of buying anything and it was pretty obvious we were just browsing. I always get that “Pretty Woman” feeling when I walk into an upscale store. Pete was shocked at the prices. “Why would anyone buy jeans for $700?, he asked me, bewildered. Interestingly, in his Goodwill bag, he had a cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater that he bought for $2.99.

We also explored North Beach, where the Beats used to roam! I can’t believe that I had never before visited Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “City Light’s Book Store.” We spent a good hour in there. I sat in a corner reading from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass,” which I have at home, but I felt compelled to read from it there. We ate at a French café, drank whisky at a local bar, and sipped wine from a bottle while walking to Coit Tower. Later that evening, we walked to Fisherman’s Wharf to eat clam chowder and then go to the Musée Mechanique, which was just the most fun. The place is filled with antique hand cranked games, mechanically operated old timey music, and peep show picture viewers.

We learned that you have to be fit to live in San Francisco. We didn’t even really have the option to take public transportation. On account of the festival, the buses were obese with people, and the taxis were all filled up too. We figured we’d just do as the San Franciscans do and walk, but next time I want to bring my bike.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

San Francisco: Golden Gate Park

I don't generally drink beer (think it tastea an awful lot like ear wax), but I do sing into the bottle when Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson and performing live in Golden Gate Park! That's what I'm doing here:
There were even more people at this year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival than last year. To find serenity, Pete and I would retreat to the Lindley Meadow to listen to the music and escape the crowds. We could hear everything perfectly. Listening to the rugged crooning of Merle Haggard and then the sensuous crooning of Chris Issak from a sun-filled meadow was ideal, romantic, and extremely relaxing. We also listened to M.Ward from behind the fence, standing atop a redwood tree that had fallen a very long time ago. We never actually got to see any of our favorite bands, but we always found a somewhat secluded spot from which to listen, and listening is more than enough for me. We did venture into the crowd a few times, and our eyes were always pleasantly greeted with an assortment of interesting folks, and our skin was sprinkled with good vibe particles.

San Francisco is one of my favorite towns, up there with Nashville. I especially enjoy the freedom of San Francisco. If you wanna walk around naked, San Francisco is the place to go. If you wanna have a high time baked on super goo rice crispy treats, SF says "Do as you please." I only indulged in one of these activities.

 Hope everyone is well!

Outfit 1: 60s brown mini dress w/cut outs (vintage), tights (AA), Bass oxfords (thrifted)
Outfit 2: pretty hard to capture a "nude outfit", but 50s nude dress & 50s jeweled cardigan (thrifted).

Friday, October 7, 2011

mohair cape and the itch of Fall

Well, ya'll know I'm Summer's gal, but Fall is here so I might as well dress accordingly. Mohair is one of my favorite fabrics. I picked up this mohair cape last time I was selling at the Long Beach Vet Stadium. Ain't she a beaut? She’s a bit itchy for lack of lining, but since this is turtleneck season, my skin is saved the aggravation.

As much as I like this outfit and as much as I obsess over vintage clothing, when Fall comes, I find my material possessions an absolute burden. I always get a nagging urge to purge, to start anew, to shed my skin by slimming down my wardrobe. This weekend, I’ve just got to get my wardrobe under control, so I can focus on my life and what direction I want it to take. Help me scratch this seasonal itch by coming out to the Vet’s Stadium in Long Beach next Sunday, October 16. Nakedcowgirl Vintage and Fancy Disaster will be selling some fine vintage clothing in Space D-558.

Much love to you,

Crystal Lee

p.s: I'll post my San Francisco photos this weekend.

Outfit: vintage mohair cape (Vet’s Stadium Flea Market), vintage wool shorts, orange plastic purse with leather trim, 70s platforms (thrifted), pink thigh highs (AA).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

she was a turquoise and black heart attack

just made up those lyrics. hee-hee. just got back from San Francisco, and boy are my legs tired. that is not a joke. San Francisco forces you to walk, but I'm not complaining - I had so much fun. But I'll share all my observations about San Francisco with you in a day or two. In the meantime, I present you with a turquoise and black outfit, slightly Teddy Boy/Gal influenced. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the first holy images of my orange (more like cantaloupe) plastic purse that I recently thrifted in Compton. You'll be seeing it a whole lot more. It goes with everything, and old ladies love it!

unintentional film version of a Rothko
These photos (except for the last two) were taken by my old pal, Elliott, the soul brother I never had. We both extol the virtues of the old world, when technological times were simpler,  when folks listened to tapes and records, but, admittedly, he is much more curmudgeonly in his approach, and his old man demeanor is always the finest entertainment.

Hey, did you get a load of the Dries Van Noten Spring line? My God. I was transfixed. so bold and yet serene. And the silhouettes, 50s-esque but still so modern.

runway Images from

Outfit: 50s sheer turquoise top, Vertigo slacks, 80s pumps, vintage cowhide belt, cantalope Besso plastic purse with leather trim(thrifted), western bow tie (Etsy).

photos taken by Elliott & me with my Olympic Point & Shoot camera.
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