Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "Book of Common Prayers" shorts

book of common prayers shorts
The minister of fashion brings you "The Book of Common Prayers" shorts, featuring Latin text. Apparently, the Book of Common Prayers was translated into Latin in 1560, one year after the the publication of the Elizabethan Prayer Book, as a need was felt for a prayer book in Latin, for the use of those in universities. History aside, these shorts are sweeet, and I felt blessed when I found them in the thrift store. Sometimes, I feel that some powerful force compels me to go to the thrift store even when I am hesitant, knowing that scores lay ahead. For instance, last week at lunch break, I was on the fence about going to the thrift store because it was hot outside & I didn’t want to walk, but a voice inside me declared "Go forth, child." And thank the Lord that I heeded the call because I hit the jackpot. I’ll post some of my finds later this week. I did find the boots that I’m wearing in today’s post, and I love them; they’re perfect!
The book of common prayers shorts
minister of fashion
new vintage thrifted boots

Looks like it’s gonna be a heat wave in Southern California for the first time all summer. Since So. Ca summer weather has had such a late start this year, I hope it means it’ll extend into Fall. Fingers crossed.

Outfit - 90s silk tank top w/pocket, Book of Common Prayers shorts, woven hat, and 90s ankle boots (all thrifted). Wendy Hil purse.

More info on the Book of Common Prayers here.

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