Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm nobody, who are you?

So, um, when am I going to be popular with this here blog? j/k, sort of. I like documenting my wardrobe for posterity, and for my grandchildren (once I figure out how to have grandchildren without having children), and as a means of personal expression, but dialogue with myself is lonely. I know I just started my fashion blog, and that I should be patient, but patience is not a virtue I possess. An example of my lack of patience comes from about 6 months ago, when I got pulled over by two cops for having expired tags, and as they were writing me a ticket, I said “Can you hurry it up”, resulting in the towing of my car, and a hefty fee to get my car out of the tow yard. So, maybe, I should be more patient and shake off these feelings of blog loneliness. Words of encouragement to get me out of this slump are encouraged.

Meanwhile, enjoy these serene pictures of vintage Kenzo.

vintage Kenzo
Vintage Kenzo

Also, I will be listing more etsy this week, for reals. Good stuff, too.

This loneliness aint pretty no more. - El Perro del mar

Everything popular is wrong.
Oscar Wilde

Quote from blog title is Emily Dickenson.


  1. Hey Crystal,
    You know I like your blog.
    Also, next time you should try telling the cops to "please be sweet". It worked for me. They still took their sweet ass time though.
    p.s. your mix is so great. love it.

  2. Love your blog :)

  3. Hi, I'm Missa. I've been quietly enjoying your blog for a few weeks now :) Love your style.

  4. you'll be fame in no time!


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