Monday, August 29, 2011

happy feet, happy heart

A weekend spent dancing is a weekend well spent. On Saturday, Jesse, Stace and I had a frolicking good time square dancing at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles to the music of Triple Chicken Foot. We really worked up a sweat in the hot, hot, heat.  Impressed with my mad square dancin skills, the old ladies, seasoned square dancers, asked where I clogged.  "In my heart," I replied. Pete was out of town so he wasn't my dancing partner, but I found an experienced gal to swing me around.  We also walked around the grounds, looking at all the old Victorian buildings, which unfortunately, weren't open to the public.  Then more wholesome good times ensued - we saw a mama chicken and her babies. and we judged a pie competition (anybody could judge for the reasonable price of $1). I voted for the cherry pie, even though I'm not usually a fan of cherry pie, but this pie was satisfaction. I thought that I had color film in my camera, but turns out it was black and white, and I guess that's alright.
Jesse & Stacy

"Let's get outta here; this chick is too close for comfort."

Triple Chicken Foot
Later that Saturday evening I went to Jesse & Justin's monthly world-music dance club, Anywhere but Here, a small but delightful affair at the Crosby in Santa Ana. I danced all night to Salsa, Cumbia, Ethiopian Jazz, Bugaloo, Brazilian something or other, Nigerian funk, French Pop, etc., It's a very rare occasion for me to stay out so late, but I needed to get into the groove. I was dancing around like James Brown on speed. good god.

Outfit: these 50s blue polka dot shorts (thrifted), turn of the century cotton top (Etsy), Bass oxfords (thrifted).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

random snaps

in action
kudzu. I like to say kudzooooooo.
circus school. I'm actually higher up than I look.

Nevada desert
California desert

downtown LA, where traffic is so bad you can take a photo from the fwy, (not that I did that or anything)
miro and I
Central Library, LA
so sad, this place is closing down. Papoo's Hot Dog Show, Burbank.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tropical mini

Though nearing 100 degrees outside, I felt quite cool in this tropical mini. This dress is nuts; I love it! And I also love the sweet mid-century City Center motel in the background. Long Beach is filled with mid century coastal motels, and lots of art deco buildings too. After 11 years living here, I still very much appreciate the architecture in Long Beach. I will always find comfort in the old world. One of Pete's old man buddies (he has about a billion old man buddies) wisely said "I'll take old and reliable over new and improved any day." me too, old man buddy, me too.






photos by Stacy. (thanks!)

Outfit: vintage tropical mini dress (LB Flea Market $10), Vintage Orange Pill Hat (for sale at Fancy Disaster); Vintage Green Purse (for sale at Fancy Disaster); 70s platforms (thrifted, owned for nearly 10 years).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pink flowers and covered wagons

Hiya friends!


Even though I am really trying hard not to spend any money on more vintage clothing (at least for a month), I couldn’t help buying this scenic 50s skirt from Stacy’s store, Fancy Disaster. Plus, she gave me a super sweet deal cause I’m her homey. I bought this floral headpiece at the Malibu garage sale I mentioned in a previous post. And the white camisole hails from the early 1900s; I’m surprised it has held up so well! I wear this mustard sweater all the time. It’s awkward and fits all weird, but that’s kind of why I like it. I like to have a derelict piece to complete my outfit, so as not to be too perfectly put together.

Outfit: 50s scenic skirt (Fancy Disaster), turn of the century overgarment (Etsy), vintage ankle cowgal boots w/western graphics (thrifted), vintage mustard sweater (thrifted), 50s floral headpiece (garage sale).

Monday, August 22, 2011

we need more parties in the USA

My town of Long Beach is so cool. This weekend, we had two super awesome music festivals. On Saturday, we had the annual Funk Fest, which sadly I missed, but I heard that everybody was getting down in the streets, and that makes me way happy. Fred Wesley of the JBs performed and everyone was invited to join him and his band for breakfast the morning of the Fest at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, an iconic restaurant in Long Beach, serving the best fried chicken in Southern California. I really wish I was there, but it was my brother's bday.

Sunday, we had ourselves a little bluegrass festival, which I caught the tail end of for Frank Fairfield's performance. I've already seen him play like four times this Summer; this is definitely the Summer of Frank Fairfield. I just can't get enough of his winding fiddle, his fast fingers frailing the banjo, his foot stomping, his whooping, his cracklin voice, reminiscent of bygone singers on old 45s. Long Beach just went crazy for him. Later in the evening, I saw him perform again at the bar down the street from my house, where the bluegrass jamboree continued into the night. Pete has really taken a liking to buck-dancing or country tap dancing (Keep in mind this is our version of buck dancing). He practically yanked me onto the dance floor, which is a first. Frank Fairfield even did a little jig. I don't care what the calendar says, Summer isn't over until the music stops.

I love these photos by Malick Sidibé of young folks in Mali dancing in the courtyard or at parties, celebrating their new life, independent from French Colonial rule.

We could sure use more free spirited dancing in the streets, or in the words of Jonathan Richman, "we need more parties in the USA."

photos from "Malick Sidibé "La Vie en Rose" , 1st and last two photos from google.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swing your partner round and round: the New Los Angeles Folk Festival

Jesse & Pete

my gal, Candy Striker

photo taken with Jesse's Iphone. a lil whisky in the pocket.

The New Los Angeles Folk Festival was the most fun I’ve had all Summer, maybe even ever. Pete, Jesse, and I drove up to Alta Dena in the 57 Chevy. The old car, already exhausted from the heat, sputtered its way up the steep hill to the Zorthian Ranch where the festival was held. With old cars, you’ve got to have faith and embrace the adventure. We made it there just fine.

The Zorthian Ranch looks akin to the Crybaby set - old cars abandoned everywhere, art work created from old tires, metal, wood. In the 1950s, the Zorthian Ranch was a summer camp for children. The old school bus from these halcyon days is the perfect shade of tarnished green. Lots of folks smoked pot inside of it.

Highlights of the festival included the swimming pool (!), where a young lady lost her wedding ring, and everyone was competing to find it. It was found by a very humble bearded dude, who nonchalantly handed the ring to its owner, resulting in an anticlimactic ending for all the other deep pool divers. There were adults and children in the pool, but we were all kids on this day.

There were some pretty incredible bands at the festival too. My favorites were Very Be Careful, Frank Fairfield, and RT n the 44s. The bands played on several stages throughout, but my favorite acts played on the main stage, which was raised, while everyone danced below, giving the venue a real honky tonk feel.

But the most fun was had while square dancing to the music of Triple Chicken Foot. Who would have guessed that square dancing would have been so darn fun?! There were at least 100 folks square dancing on a moonlit hill, dirt kicking up all around us. I’ve never been so intimate with so many Angelinos. We were all having a time - laughing, whooping, and sweatin’ like crazy. The last dance was a cowboy waltz. Pete led the waltz and I followed for the first time in my life. I felt like a little lady, floating in my man’s arms, but it was short lived, I eventually started leading again. I’m gonna work on it though. I could feel the dirt in my lungs for a few days after & for a while all I could think about was square dancing, especially when trying to fall asleep. I just can’t wait to dosey doe again.

Here is a short introductory film on Frank Fairfield if you're interested.
Watch Frank Fairfield

Outfit: vintage green overalls, vintage silk peasant top, vintage bass oxfords (thrifted), 50s cowboy hat (antique mall).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Endless Summer

Howdeeeeeeeeeee, folks. I've been dressing up like a cowgirl for most of the weekend. Here is what I wore on Saturday to watch Lucinda Williams perform at the Great Park in Irvine.
The rest of my weekend was just as eventful. I became an Auntie again. My sister gave birth to a baby boy, Nicholas. I love being an Auntie, but I must admit I’ve been pretty upset with my sister for getting pregnant once again. She is still very young (19 years old) and already has a child, my niece, Anna, whom she does not raise (don't worry, my niece lives in a loving home with my sister's aunt & uncle). I worry about how she is going to provide for this new child.

On Sunday, I went to Malibu, my favorite beach, to soak up the last of the Summer sun with some very good friends - Judy Gloom, Miro, and Ji. Unfortunately, it was overcast and a bit windy when we finally got to the beach. But the drive was lovely and the company perfect; we cruised through the lush Santa Monica mountains in my bmv, with the top down of course, stopping on the busy Pacific Coast Hwy for a garage sale (I saw vintage clothing out of my peripheral). I ended up coming away with a Missoni sweater ($5), a Wrangler denim jacket ($5) and a 50s floral crown ($5) - not too bad for some really great finds in one of the most expensive towns in Southern California. I took some photos of my trip to Malibu but they didn’t turn out very good (I think on account of the film type).

The weekend closed with a large full moon, and when I came over the hill on the freeway ride home, it seemed that I could drive right through it.  Once home, I watched Endless Summer and shortly after fell asleep with  beaches and babies on the brain.

photo by my friend, Keenan Crook.
Outfit: 70s suede skirt, 70s sheer top, 80s tank top, vintage ankle cowgirl boots (everything thrifted).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Newport Beach

this is not my car either
I can’t believe how quickly Summer is racing by. Will the novelty of posing in stranger’s vintage cars wear off with the start of Fall?

Outfit: 50s bustier(hand me down from my friend,Andrea), 50s gingham shorts (hand me down from my friend, Miro)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

shake what your mama gave you

Turtlenecks are very editorial, but not really a realistic indication of what fashionable folks are wearing these days. I rarely see any of my gal pals wearing a turtleneck, however, I happen to have a very large collection. Maybe, one day I'll show em" to you.  I'd be hard pressed to find a more harmonious pair than a turtleneck & a pair of tight cigarette pants. 
I wonder if these Asian models have a big old butt like I do. My Chinese mama had a big butt, such that my childhood friends named my booty after hers "Judy booty." My mom's mother died when she was just a child, but I often wonder if my blood grandma had a big ole' booty too. Isn't it interesting the things we inherit from our folks?


I'll be shaking what my mama gave me at the New Los Angeles Folk Festival today, and I hope ya'll have a fun filled day too.

Outfit: 90s patterned tight pants, vintage turtleneck (thrifted), Nine West heels.
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