Saturday, August 7, 2010

bad habits

Goodness, I basically just woke up and it's nearly noon. So, good morning friends. My boyfriend is out of town and bad habits rule the day (ie: sleeping til noon) - more bad habits as this post progresses. I couldn't resist posting my series of outfits from yesterday at work to this morning. (3 outfits). Some days I have as many wardrobe chances as I imagine Madonna did on her Blond Ambition tour.

Outfit # 1: 60s polka dot wiggle dress w/white striped tights
I wore this to work yesterday but decided I didn't want to wear this outfit to watch the Long Beach Roller Derby, and go dancing afterwards (didn't end up going to the latter, too late for my taste).

Outfit # 2: turn of the century undergarment
This was the turn-of-the-century undergarment I told you about a few posts back. I really want to wear it, but obviously, this was a ridiculous outfit choice for a night of rowdiness. But, I already had it on, so I figured I'd "strike a pose".

Outfit # 3: Vintage African mini with striped leggings, worn last night & through the morning
I've spared you my eye boogers and strewn make-up a la Tammy Faye by wearing sunglasses.
Bad Habit # 2: going to bed with clothes on
Bad Habit # 3: going to bed without washing face
Bad Habit # 4: going to bed without brushing teeth
Bad Habit # 5: cigarette for breakfast
This is what I decided to wear to last night's adventures. My girlfriends, Judy Gloom and Jo Mama, & I biked over to the roller derby game, then to a quasi-mexican food joint, then came back to my house, where we watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm (sans Judy Gloom). In the end, it was 1:30 a.m., and I was too tired to go through hygiene rituals. But Pete's coming back home tonight, so days of bad habits are over, thank goodness.

Note: Outfit # 3 probably somewhat inspired by Marni Spring 2010. Some things just stick in your mind.

now, to take that shower. oh ya -- Outfit # 1 & 2 American Apparel tights, polka dot dress thrifted, Outfit # 2 -- socks I bought in Sweden a long time ago, antique undergarment from Antique Mall, Outfit # 3 - everything thrifted except Matiko sandals. african mini dress shortened by me.

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  1. Comfort for biking, stripes and crazy patterns and colours! I like it!


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