Sunday, August 1, 2010

a sophisticated rebel

Friday's outfit for Zydeco dancing, and hanging out in downtown LA, was pretty sophisticated for me, especially my hairdo, which hindered me from being as rambunctious as usual. Of course, by the end of the day, my hair had deflated big time. In the morning, it was quite formidable. To contrast the properness of my hair and outfit, I pinned a sword brooch to my lapel. Voila, now, I'm a rebel again.

olive green skirt.jpg_effected
sword brooch
I love when my old man dresses up; he looks so sharp! Thanks to my thrifting skills, Pete has a solid collection of 50s coats. He's also learned to navigate a thrift store on his own, often going when he works out of town.
pete & I

Saturday's outfit was much more casual. Pete & I went to my old stomping grounds, where I lived for most of my teenage years, old town Orange, Orange County, to browse through the antique shops, on the hunt for some vintage eyeglass frames for Pete. We didn't find any eyeglass frames, but I purchased a turn of the century undergarment, which I intend to wear about town. It's basically a shorts jumper, with a big saggy booty that unbuttons; the crotch unbuttons too. It's in perfect condition, and I got it for $30. crazy! I will post pictures once I wear it.
I love this faux chanel bag so much, especially the color and the chevron stitching. I don't give a fuck that it's fake; the idea is what matters.

Well, I'm off to go kayaking. More tomorrow. Wishing you a beautiful day!

Outfit # 1- vintage 80s cheetah bodysuit, vintage oxfords, vintage olive-green suit, all thrifted.
Outifit # 2- vintage 70s leather vest, levi's cut-offs, vintage purple braided belt, 90s tank, Matiko sandals. everything thrifted but the shoes.

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