Friday, August 27, 2010

fun outfits from the Archives

Do I look like Fran Drescher in "the Nanny" in this? I'm wearing an 80s Vintage Emanuel Ungaro jacket (much like Marc Jacob's Fall 2009 80s inspired big-shoulder jackets), 80s bandage checkered dress (tucked in), 80s suede color block skirt, checkered tights, and vintage Calvin Klein orange pumps. Love this outfit. I was so proud of it, that I rushed over to my girlfriend's house across the street, so that she could take a picture.
I sold this 80s splatter paint dress on Ebay because I thought it made me look too flat chested. I still, however, love the print. Here it is paired with my favorite jacket of all time:
elliott & i
Here I am in London wearing an 80s "pop art" bandage dress, with LLTT holster bag (made by Elliott, whom I'm laughing at), and vintage hush puppies. I also sold this dress on Ebay, not really sure why.
Beautiful 60s chiffon pleated ruffle maxi dress was too big for me, so I sold it on Ebay. This was my guitar, but I'm no guitarist, so I donated it to some creative kids in need.
I don't even know where this 60s tshirt dress is.

These photos highlight how I'm totally nuts. haha.

everything thrifted.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are such an adorable lady! And your body is awesome- I think you look especially rad in the splatter dress and your small boobs just make the dress fit better, in my opinion.

  2. Thanks, Laura. This post & your comment here have helped me to realize a complex I hold about my body. Why is it that “looking flat chested” suddenly ruins an, otherwise, awesome outfit? I find myself being satisfied with the look of my breasts when they’re swollen from hormones during my period. Why is being “small breasted” acceptable, but being/looking “flat chested” unacceptable? I believe in combating negative body images, no matter how minute the complex might seem, so I’m feel fortunate that these questions have been brought to light.


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