Thursday, June 30, 2011

we're having a high time

If I weren’t a “professional” for 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, I’d be half-naked all dang Summer; the sun is my lover, my muse, my fountain of youth.  Oh Beatific Summer, I am howling happy for your arrival! As with every Summer, I will be an idealistic imp, madly pursuing adventures under the sun until it all comes to an end.  Last Saturday, I hosted a Celebrate Summer Skate & BBQ with some of my former teammates. Man, these gals are good for my soul. They’re reckless and witty and just so fun to be around.
I love Mexican Coke in a bottle. I allow myself one a week during the Summer.




From left to right: Judy Gloom, Furious Georgette, Paris Kilton, Vulvarine, Tawdry Tempest, Janis Choplin, Jihad

I majorly scored when I found these deadstock 50s madras shorts (first picture) in the junior section of the thrift store recently. and I was super happy to rediscover this vintage crochet halter top in my wardrobe, though it fell apart before we started skating, but it's an easy fix.

Lots more summer outfits to come. Much Love,

Crystal Lee

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the blessed unrest that keeps me marching forward

In an effort to step up the “risk-factor” in my life, yesterday, I went to the track to skate with the Wreck League (recreational league) and got my ass handed to me.  I hadn't been on the banked track in over two years, and I was bout as rusty as a pair of old metal skates left to rot in an abandoned tool shed.  I'm bruised and battered and my ego is shattered, but I will probably go back for more another time.  Now, I'm thinking about less-painful physical activities.  I'm really interested in taking some classes at the Circus School in Los Angeles, and I'm especially keen on the aerial classes. Has anyone tried this before?

Another thrill seeker is my little niece Anna who just keeps getting more ballsy with age. I really admire children and their no-fear attitudes. When we were hanging out in San Pedro the other day, she would run up steep hills, lead us through wire fences, pick up sticks and pose like some kind of miniature warrior, and we could hardly keep up, though we were certainly trying.
Outfit: 60s babydoll lingerie top, vintage leather shorts (thrifted), ballet flats (Nordstrom's Rack). Anna is wearing an 80s dress (thrifted).

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm feeling better. I come bearing flowers.

in Lancaster, PA
new thrifted finds from Florida: 90s Banana Republic dress & peach maryjanes worn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania


behold the mistress of the flower field.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the cacti are in bloom: a photoshoot with Avie

I did a photo shoot yesterday with my fourteen year old friend, who I've known since birth, Avalon a.k.a. Avie, an articulate, loquacious, rebellious, and insightful young lady. She is the daughter of a childhood friend that I have wreaked havoc with for nearly 20 years. It was so fun dressing Avie up in pieces from the shop and my own wardrobe. She was a most excellent model. I had a blast photographing her around my old stomping grounds -- the Orange Circle in Orange County and Silverado Canyon just up the hill. In the canyon, we drove around with the top down until the road became rocky. We stopped and took photos in front of the blooming cactus and chapparal and wildflowers, and the whole place seemed even more beautiful than I remembered it. We rested along side a stream and ate cherries & chips, running from insects, and admiring huge butterflies as they flew overhead. Avie dj'd a bit while we were driving around the canyon and we sang along to the Smiths. I sang soprano & she sang alto and Morrissey was somewhere in the middle. Then she played Bauhaus & Cypress Hill. She was shocked that I didn't like trance music (I find it nauseating). Then we went thrift store shopping & ate at In N Out. I ate a grilled cheese animal style (I'm trying my hardest not to eat any meat) and we also shared some animal style fries, which I didn't even know about. I think I prefer regular old fries though. I'm so happy with how these photos turned out that I have to show you all of em, so there's a good many to eww & ahh over.





rose tree

I want a pink home

the cactus are in bloom

portrait of teenage angst


avie wears avocados

can you believe this dress? It has a print of avocados, limes & lemons.
no trespassing


taken by Avalon
and then this is the outfit I wore. photo taken by Avie.
I have no eyes
I have no eyes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chloe Sevigny for O.C. and Vision Streetwear

If you’ve been reading this blog from its inception, you know that I am a die-hard fan of vintage Vision Streetwear & have a pretty decent collection from this 80s/90s skate wear brand. I was just at checking out the collections for Resort (which I’m pretty nonplused about) until I stumbled upon Chloe Sevigny for O.C. line in which she collaborates with Vision Street Wear. Vision’s iconic logo is spewed all over the runway. One gal is even sporting the Vision Street Wear bicycle shorts that I have been searching for and dreaming of for many, many years. (See this post) Indeed, vintage Vision Street Wear is hard to get a hold of, but I think I’d feel like a supreme schmuck if I laid down the $200 those shorts will probably cost. What should I do, dear readers? I am torn. Oh I must insert a prayer here: Dear God, please do not let Vision Street Wear become a trend because I cannot bear to see every hipster in Los Angeles wearing my most cherished label.
This next outfit best represents the aesthetics of 90s skatewear - the jumpsuit with its simple lackadaisical shape, and the beret style cap.

The cheetah print was a familiar pattern in Vision Street Wear shoes & clothes.


Crystal Lee

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Charleston, South Carolina & Congaree National Park

what I wore in Charleston, South Carolina
I wish we could have stayed in Charleston, South Carolina, longer. It's a charming little town, steeped in American history and filled with historic architecture and cobblestone streets. I really felt like I had gone back in time. Pete and I booked a room through Hotwire just a few hours before arrival in Charleston & ended up staying in the beautiful salmon colored Mills House, built in 1853, for less than half the price. We walked all around the town that night and eventually went to a bar and watched a really good bluegrass band. Then we went back to the Mills House and had a few drinks in their old bar. The next day, we walked around the historic downtown area again and Pete took a few outfit photos for me.
Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC
what I wore in the Congaree National Park
The skeeter meter was high in the Congaree National Park, and I got bit to bits. It probably didn't help that I wasn't wearing much, but I thought my outfit was still fitting for the scenery. Do you like my new green sandals? I bought them recently at a little boutique in Long Beach. Congaree National Park is hauntingly beautiful -- the "tree's knees" that surround the old growth bald cypress trees give the park a mystical Tolkien feel. Even though the "trees knees" look medieval and menacing, they actually protect the old growth bald cypress trees by providing oxygen to their roots. They also help support the weight of the cypress trees. So, they're actually little buddies. Taller "knees" indicate a really old Cypress tree.
Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park
trees' knees
new green sandals
green sandals
Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park
I get to hang with my niece, Anna today. I haven't seen her in over a month. She's probably grown taller. I think maybe we'll go on a picnic. Have a great day, folks!

Outfit # 1:
vintage 60s bow dress (thrifted & hacked recklessly by me), nude pink ballet flats (Nordstrom Rack)
Outfit # 2: 80s corset top (used to be a dress), vintage safari shorts (thrifted), Gee Wawa sandals (Sway, Long Beach).

Friday, June 3, 2011

fried food & family reunions

Fortune had it that I was in the South on the same weekend as our family reunion and what a charming family I have - God bless em' - they melt my heart like when when my Aunt Louann asked in earnest "Crystal, now tell me the true meaning of a geisha?" in her sweet southern accent, by far my favorite soundbite of the trip. I wish you could hear my impersonation; it's quite good. [Backstory -- she had a statue of a geisha on her entry table and had fears that perhaps a geisha was a prostitute & she's a religious woman and all.] In the days leading up the the reunion, Pete, my dad, my Uncle Steve & Aunt Louann, paid a visit the local museums. First, we went to the Gaston County Museum, a converted hotel which was built in 1852 and features an ongoing exhibit on mill life. My Uncle Steve worked in mills all his life, so he explained everything to us. My dad played the old organ on the third floor of the museum. Later that day, we went to the Carolina Big Rig Truck Museum in neighboring Cherryville.
There's no such thing as healthy eating in Gaston County. The first night in town, we ate at a local fish fry. At the family reunion, I ate fried chicken from KFC & Bojangles, as well as homemade fried & bbq chicken. (I'm back to healthy eating now that I'm home.) I also tried barbecue slaw for the first time. Pete tried a "country sandwich all the way with slaw", which is really just a thick bologne sandwich with all the fixins.
fish fry
fried catfish, hush puppies & onion rings at local Fish Fry
there also was some ham on the menu
The family reunion was held at lovely little park surrounded by little lakes, pine trees & big fluffy clouds. I was so happy to see my aunts, uncles & cousins. Many remarked that I looked just like my mom when she was in her 30s. It had been six years since I had seen visited with my southern family, so I was really happy to see everyone, even though some were unable to attend.
Oh ya, I thought I should mention that I was not born & raised in the South. My dad & his folks hail from North Carolina. I am very connected to the South (I can tell you everything about good country music), but for the most part I'm a city gal, born & raised in Southern California.

I'm still a little jet lagged which sucks cause I really wanna go dancing tonight. happy friday, dudes. hopefully, you have more spunk than I do.
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