Tuesday, January 31, 2012

taste the rainbow: new in shop

turquoise madras top with 80s structured distressed leather skirt
1960s buttercup yellow lace mini dress w/large collar

1950s Audrey Horne saddle shoes 8.5

1950s chartreuse green barracuda jacket S-M
vintage leopard swing coat
1950s mesh bad girl pumps
Vintage Fishes Orange Maxi Halter Dress
1960s yellow knit 3 piece suit (fancy disaster)
Vintage Vera mini tunic dress
Vintage Hot Pink Shift Dress with Buttons and Bow SM

1970s sparkling blue disco jumpsuit S-M
the end
Thank goodness for sunny weekends! I was able to get some photos for the Etsy shop with my good pal, Stacy. We found an isolated hideaway in Palos Verdes and were basically totally alone for most of the time except for when a big dog sauntered through the hole in the fence, unknowingly showing us the entry way to a vast field of yellow wild flowers overlooking the ocean. So thank you random big dog that I originally thought had come to eat off our faces. (Sometimes big dogs scare me, especially after being hog tied by a rambunctious Boxer not too long ago when he wrapped his leash around my legs and then ran the opposite direction, sending me high up into the air and then hard down on to my knees and on to the concrete. I have a hard time believing it was an accident.)

I’ve found some great stuff for the shop this time around, stuff I am really tempted to keep for myself, but I’m trying not to be so greedy with my amazing vintage finds. The blue sparkly vintage disco jumpsuit comes straight from my collection and admittedly, I am feeling a little guilty about selling it. I found it at a thrift store in upstate New York several years ago, and I wore it all over Manhattan, on the subways, at old bars in the East Village. I hate to use the word, but I felt “fierce.” It’s such a remarkable piece, but the truth is I just don’t wear it that often, and I am determined to tame the ever-growing beast that is my wardrobe. To whomever buys this jumpsuit, love it and love it hard.

Please stop by Stacy's shop, Fancy Disaster, for more beautiful vintage finds and also please check out the other goodies in my shop.


Crystal Lee

Saturday, January 28, 2012

on a sunny winter day

a dance of joy for sunny winter weather
photo by Stacy, taken with her Iphone.

this is my square dancing dress

Hot Dog, it feels good to thrift a perfect square dancing dress in a pucci-esque print! And better still, I thrifted it in the day and dosey doed in it that very same evening.

my half assed attempt at big country hair.
Today is one glorious Saturday. This morning, I took a drive along the coast and in the afternoon I played on the beach with my best buds. The sun has been awful generous these last few days, and I am content.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

restless soul syndrome

Winter and long uninspired work hours are just dreadful for productivity and creativity too. I can’t wait until Spring when I don’t have to battle with all the negative thoughts that pop in my head during the cold months. I’m trying to snap out of it because being sad and bored is a waste of time. The super sunny weather we’re going to have this weekend ought to help.

Outfit: vintage peachy babydoll dress (Jet Rag Vintage in LA), Cole Haan loafers (thrifted)

Monday, January 23, 2012

burgundy love

my beloved burgundy suede Vision Street Wear hi-tops (perhaps my favorite pair to date).
Vintage Burgundy Salvatore Ferragamo loafer pumps (for sale in the shop)
Etienne Aigner pumps (sold)
old building in Long Beach that once was a skating rink.
It seems I'm traipsing through the world with burgundy color lenses because I've been seeing this sophisticated color everywhere, especially in the form of good looking shoes.

As usual, this weekend went by too quickly though I did get some square dancing in, went to my niece’s ballet class, gave my bedroom a good cleaning, thrifted some beautiful dresses to sale in the shop (and some for myself too, dang it!), watched “Howl” staring James Franco (it was inspiring, and made me commit to myself to be more open and more honest as much as possible), and I tried escargot for the first time (the snail was ok, but it’s no piece of peach pie). If only every day was mine to do completely as I please. Gotta get it while I can.


Crystal Lee

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new in shop!

It sure is hard to add items to my Etsy when I work full-time but with the help of my dear friend Stacy at Fancy Disaster, I am happy to present you with some fine vintage gems which are available for purchase now.
1960s Orange Lace Swing Coat, 1950s pink sparkle pencil skirt
1960s powder blue jacquard swing coat (buy at fancy disaster), 50s pale pink lace slip dress
90s pale pink floral romper, Vintage Merlot Salvatore Ferragamo loafer heels 8.5

80s leaves print dress with quilted fan sleeves, vintage wine round toe Etienne Aigner heels 8.5 9

1960s hot pink chiffon mini with lace trim
1960s camel wool cape by John Meyer of Northwich
80s/90s white faux fur bomber jacket
Some particularly compelling finds from Stacy's store, Fancy Disaster, below:
30s/40s Gone with the Wind taffeta dress
1960s Hot Pink Paisley Maxi w/slit (not yet listed)
80s 90s floral pintuck babydoll dress
Vintage Ralph Lauren suit with Horse Crest and Horse Buttons
Stacy in action.
Friends, I'll be listing a whole lot more throughout the week. It feels good to get things done.

much love,

Crystal Lee

Monday, January 16, 2012

not my everyday clothes

I don't wear jeans too often, mostly because I have a hard time finding a pair that I think look good on me. So when i find a pair that don't make me look like a short-legged satyr or give me mom butt,I'm stoked. As fortune would have it, I thrifted these vintage LEvis (yes, they're Big E Levis) the other day. They're soft and worn and hang just right, and I don't feel too awkward in them. Pete loves them too. He thinks I look sexiest in jeans and a tshirt, just like good old Jonathan Richman likes his gals. Hey look, I have 90s chola burgundy hair, which was unintentional.

Photos by Stacy - major thanks!
Outfit: vintage LEvis, vintage nylon red Nike's, vintage sweater, vintage button down, (everything thrifted).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mulholland Drive

Pete bought me this pumpkin colored wiggle dress for Christmas, and I’ve already worn in several times. There’s something so empowering about a wiggle dress.

Photo taken by Pete with his point & shoot camera. Outfit: Vintage wiggle dress (Etsy), Nine West snakeskin pumps (thrifted), vintage baby blue clutch (thrifted).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Franklin Canyon

Pete and I have been watching the Twin Peaks series for the first time via Netflix Instant, and we are obsessed. When we found out that a lot of the series was filmed at Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills, we knew we had to make a trip out there. I put on an outfit inspired by Audrey Horne and we made our way through the hills to our destination, which was more beautiful than I could have ever expected. The landscape was a masterpiece. Tall Pompous Grass swayed in the breeze. It was a tree lovers paradise filled with pine trees, oak trees, and even a small Redwood Grove, a rarity in Southern California. I forgot my SLR film camera, but Pete had his point and shoot and I’m impressed with the detail it was able to capture. I want to return again and again because it just may be one of my favorite spots in Southern California.

Outfit: vintage olive green knit skirt, 50s knit top, blue & white oxfords (everything thrifted).
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