Thursday, August 19, 2010

along California’s Central Coast

foggy Big Sur
We leisurely rambled along California’s central coast, stopping at every outlook, exploring several beaches, amidst the fog, and wind. The central coast is so beautiful, I felt proud to live in California. On this trip home, my girlfriend, Judy Gloom, (whom I call Snide after her first roller derby name “Jenny Snide”) told me that I make noises like Pee Wee Herman when I’m excited. Well, I must of sounded awful silly because I was exuberant at every stop. Under the influence of the coast’s beauty, I happily did a little jig on the beach; I’ve included some pictures in this post. It took us about 12 hours from Monterey to Los Angeles, which is much longer than it would normally take, but it was definitely worth it.
Big Sur
muscle back

I'm wearing an 80s 2-piece tribalish outfit by Contempo Casuals. Contempo Casuals was so amazing in the 80s. I have many vintage pieces from this brand, and they're always unique and remarkable. I found this outfit at the thrift store, bien sur.

last photo taken by Judy Gloom.


  1. wow, where exactly was that second photo taken? it looks like paradise.

    seriously, love the bathing suit. amazing.

  2. The place with the turquoise water & waterfall is Big Sur.



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