Monday, August 1, 2011

lavender gingham for you, Dolly

I feel so lucky that I got the chance to see Dolly Parton perform. She looks remarkable, sounds remarkable, and is just the sweetest, funniest, most down-to-Earth legend alive. She told stories about her humble upbringing, made jokes about her "trashy" appearance, played about 8 instruments, and even rapped (which was god-awful, but she knew it and was just wanting to make everybody laugh). I wore a lavender gingham dress (tucked in so as to look like a skirt) and a 50s sheer pink top. Pete was sweet enough to match me by wearing a lavender cowboy shirt. If I had my way, we'd match every day & we'd ride around town on a tandem bike. I am half-kidding. You can see my lavender dress in its entirety here.





I hope that life is treating you well. much love. - crystal lee

Outfit: vintage gingham dress (thrifted a long time ago), 50s sheer top (Etsy), bass oxfords (thrifted)


  1. awww matching!! My man would LOVE to match all the time - so I tell him to learn to sew his own shirts and we'll do it.

    I love this photos - you are perfect doll for Dolly!

  2. I'm jealous!! I'd love to see dear Dolly live sometime! It's really something how beautiful her voice has stayed after all these years. And I bet her stage banter's the most fun ever.
    And you look ever so lovely; gingham was just perfect for such an occasion!

  3. Gorgeous dress/skirt and the top is heavenly. I'm jealous as well that you got to see Miss Dolly. Hah I wish my man would wear co-ordinating outfits, we dress so differently though do not think that will happen! x

  4. Gorgeous outfit and beautiful shots too!
    The husband and I seem to match by accident quite a lot. Especially when he had blue hair :)

  5. These are gorgeous pictures! I'm loving your outfit :)

  6. Rebeccak, I find it particularly amusing that your man would love to match your outfits. Pete doesn't like to draw attention to himself & matching outfits tends to do just that. Good thing, he is such a wallflower cause I don't know if there's light enough for the both of us. hee-hee.
    I hope everyone gets the opportunity to see Dolly perform! Thanks for the nice words gals.


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