Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pink flowers and covered wagons

Hiya friends!


Even though I am really trying hard not to spend any money on more vintage clothing (at least for a month), I couldn’t help buying this scenic 50s skirt from Stacy’s store, Fancy Disaster. Plus, she gave me a super sweet deal cause I’m her homey. I bought this floral headpiece at the Malibu garage sale I mentioned in a previous post. And the white camisole hails from the early 1900s; I’m surprised it has held up so well! I wear this mustard sweater all the time. It’s awkward and fits all weird, but that’s kind of why I like it. I like to have a derelict piece to complete my outfit, so as not to be too perfectly put together.

Outfit: 50s scenic skirt (Fancy Disaster), turn of the century overgarment (Etsy), vintage ankle cowgal boots w/western graphics (thrifted), vintage mustard sweater (thrifted), 50s floral headpiece (garage sale).


  1. OMG,mometarily distracted by those amazing pix last post!!
    Love this skirt,what an awesome print!That headpiece is turning me on.

  2. Wow, that skirt! Those boots!
    I just LOVE the painterly print on that skirt, what an amazing find! You look wonderful!

  3. The print of your skirt is so wonderful, it looks to be in amazing condition too! The shape of the camisole is quite flattering, I don't own any clothing that old. The flowers in your hair looked so similar to the bush behind you I didn't realize it was a hat at first; lovely and inexpensive find.

  4. That skirt is SOOOOOOO you!! I'm glad you love it, you look great!
    Stacy AKA Fancy Disaster

  5. Wowsers the skirt is amazing, and I love the mustard cardigan paired with the delicate camisole x

  6. Such an amazing print! :)


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