Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tropical mini

Though nearing 100 degrees outside, I felt quite cool in this tropical mini. This dress is nuts; I love it! And I also love the sweet mid-century City Center motel in the background. Long Beach is filled with mid century coastal motels, and lots of art deco buildings too. After 11 years living here, I still very much appreciate the architecture in Long Beach. I will always find comfort in the old world. One of Pete's old man buddies (he has about a billion old man buddies) wisely said "I'll take old and reliable over new and improved any day." me too, old man buddy, me too.






photos by Stacy. (thanks!)

Outfit: vintage tropical mini dress (LB Flea Market $10), Vintage Orange Pill Hat (for sale at Fancy Disaster); Vintage Green Purse (for sale at Fancy Disaster); 70s platforms (thrifted, owned for nearly 10 years).


  1. Lovely print on the dress and I like how you decided to be bold and wear bright accessories with it!

    Sadly I never got to explore Long Beach when I lived in L.A.-- I heard the vintage hunting is good out there.

  2. Gorgeous dress, you have amazing legs! The hat is so cute reminds me of flight attendants well dressed ones I might add. Give me old and interesting than modern and cold any day x

  3. This is so cute, you look adorable! xo

  4. Gorgeous frock and I LOVE your accessories.

    Sarah xxx

  5. Thanks everybody. Leilani - Long Beach has the best vintage in LA County. Let me know if you are ever out this way and I will take you around to the best vintage haunts in town.

  6. Your shift dress is oh-so darling <3 I love your hat too; it is the perfect finishing accessory!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. Gorgeous dress and hat - you look great :)


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