Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Endless Summer

Howdeeeeeeeeeee, folks. I've been dressing up like a cowgirl for most of the weekend. Here is what I wore on Saturday to watch Lucinda Williams perform at the Great Park in Irvine.
The rest of my weekend was just as eventful. I became an Auntie again. My sister gave birth to a baby boy, Nicholas. I love being an Auntie, but I must admit I’ve been pretty upset with my sister for getting pregnant once again. She is still very young (19 years old) and already has a child, my niece, Anna, whom she does not raise (don't worry, my niece lives in a loving home with my sister's aunt & uncle). I worry about how she is going to provide for this new child.

On Sunday, I went to Malibu, my favorite beach, to soak up the last of the Summer sun with some very good friends - Judy Gloom, Miro, and Ji. Unfortunately, it was overcast and a bit windy when we finally got to the beach. But the drive was lovely and the company perfect; we cruised through the lush Santa Monica mountains in my bmv, with the top down of course, stopping on the busy Pacific Coast Hwy for a garage sale (I saw vintage clothing out of my peripheral). I ended up coming away with a Missoni sweater ($5), a Wrangler denim jacket ($5) and a 50s floral crown ($5) - not too bad for some really great finds in one of the most expensive towns in Southern California. I took some photos of my trip to Malibu but they didn’t turn out very good (I think on account of the film type).

The weekend closed with a large full moon, and when I came over the hill on the freeway ride home, it seemed that I could drive right through it.  Once home, I watched Endless Summer and shortly after fell asleep with  beaches and babies on the brain.

photo by my friend, Keenan Crook.
Outfit: 70s suede skirt, 70s sheer top, 80s tank top, vintage ankle cowgirl boots (everything thrifted).


  1. You look freaking awesome in these pictures,like an angel,so tender,so delicate,with the most charming smiles.It's hard to define the inside connection of you and fashion,together with nature,the unknown magic beauty.......Fabulous!!Awfully adorable,loved!!

  2. Thank You. What a very kind compliment.

  3. You look adorable, those boots are brilliant, I want a pair! x


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