Saturday, August 6, 2011

shake what your mama gave you

Turtlenecks are very editorial, but not really a realistic indication of what fashionable folks are wearing these days. I rarely see any of my gal pals wearing a turtleneck, however, I happen to have a very large collection. Maybe, one day I'll show em" to you.  I'd be hard pressed to find a more harmonious pair than a turtleneck & a pair of tight cigarette pants. 
I wonder if these Asian models have a big old butt like I do. My Chinese mama had a big butt, such that my childhood friends named my booty after hers "Judy booty." My mom's mother died when she was just a child, but I often wonder if my blood grandma had a big ole' booty too. Isn't it interesting the things we inherit from our folks?


I'll be shaking what my mama gave me at the New Los Angeles Folk Festival today, and I hope ya'll have a fun filled day too.

Outfit: 90s patterned tight pants, vintage turtleneck (thrifted), Nine West heels.


  1. Cripes, that's you? I thought the first picture WAS an editorial shot.

    Massively coveting those trousers, and I have to say I have a pretty respectable collection of turtlenecks myself. They're just so sleek!

  2. I totally agree with you. I only ever see turtle necks in editorials, rarely in real life. You on the other hand, look amazing in this blue top :)

  3. Your butt is fantastic!Not big at all,nice and shapely! Love that first pic,it's just lovely,and very 60's girl group!
    Turtle necks? Yeah,hardly ever see them!

  4. hah! I inherited my mum's bum too... oh joy!

    love these shots - my man loves the look of a lady in a turtle neck, but they're not the easiest item to style.

  5. Girl you look smoking! I can not pull off turtle necks, my boobs are far too ample for such a style hah. Those trousers are fantastic x

  6. Gorgeous outfit!! You look like an early '60s vamp!!
    I love turtlenecks too; they make anyone look all sleek and chic!

  7. So pretty! You look perfectly prim in those pants!


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