Sunday, August 28, 2011

random snaps

in action
kudzu. I like to say kudzooooooo.
circus school. I'm actually higher up than I look.

Nevada desert
California desert

downtown LA, where traffic is so bad you can take a photo from the fwy, (not that I did that or anything)
miro and I
Central Library, LA
so sad, this place is closing down. Papoo's Hot Dog Show, Burbank.


  1. This pictures are great, circus school is so cool! xo

  2. Aw these photos are bringing back memories for me, I used to work at the Central L.A. library (in the rare books department). Are you and Miro standing in front of an old circus car? Where was the photo taken?

  3. Thanks gals! Katie- I only went to one class at Circus School but I really wanna go back. It was really fun & quite the workout. Lellani, I suppose if it's not an old circus car, it was meant to look like one. This photo was taken at Hidden Treasures vintage store in Topanga. I think it's neato that you worked in the rare books dept. I love the Central Library, especially looking through old fashion magazines.

  4. Brilliant pictures particularly love the shots of you in the circus school and the library (that dress looks amazing!)

  5. i too am sad about papoo!! i don't want anything from mid century la to close :(


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