Monday, August 29, 2011

happy feet, happy heart

A weekend spent dancing is a weekend well spent. On Saturday, Jesse, Stace and I had a frolicking good time square dancing at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles to the music of Triple Chicken Foot. We really worked up a sweat in the hot, hot, heat.  Impressed with my mad square dancin skills, the old ladies, seasoned square dancers, asked where I clogged.  "In my heart," I replied. Pete was out of town so he wasn't my dancing partner, but I found an experienced gal to swing me around.  We also walked around the grounds, looking at all the old Victorian buildings, which unfortunately, weren't open to the public.  Then more wholesome good times ensued - we saw a mama chicken and her babies. and we judged a pie competition (anybody could judge for the reasonable price of $1). I voted for the cherry pie, even though I'm not usually a fan of cherry pie, but this pie was satisfaction. I thought that I had color film in my camera, but turns out it was black and white, and I guess that's alright.
Jesse & Stacy

"Let's get outta here; this chick is too close for comfort."

Triple Chicken Foot
Later that Saturday evening I went to Jesse & Justin's monthly world-music dance club, Anywhere but Here, a small but delightful affair at the Crosby in Santa Ana. I danced all night to Salsa, Cumbia, Ethiopian Jazz, Bugaloo, Brazilian something or other, Nigerian funk, French Pop, etc., It's a very rare occasion for me to stay out so late, but I needed to get into the groove. I was dancing around like James Brown on speed. good god.

Outfit: these 50s blue polka dot shorts (thrifted), turn of the century cotton top (Etsy), Bass oxfords (thrifted).


  1. that'd be awesome, Marissa. I don't suppose you'll be out this way anytime soon.

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time, and those buildings are just gorgeous! x

  3. Wow, what a well-rounded weekend of dancing! I loved your reply to the old ladies' inquiry as to where you clogged :)

  4. These pictures are awesome! I love the vintage fashion and the stunning architecture. Those buildings remind me of the house from the movie "Psycho"! =)

  5. Hi Crystal! I am happy to pass along the Irresistibly Sweet award to you and Naked Cowgirl Vintage! It is a fun blog award that my buddy Mr. Tiny passed along to me, and now I pass it to you! Check out Seas of Science when you get the chance to get the digs.

  6. That was a good time & I love the amazing preserved houses/buildings smack dab in the middle of the ghetto :) We need to square up again VERY soon, so FUN!!
    XO Stacy

  7. I really love your photos! Thanks for coming to the dance.


  8. OMG. Comment from K.Boogie aka Triple Chicken Foot. coolness.


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