Tuesday, August 2, 2011

growing more beautiful with age

I was so excited when Pete brought home a 1957 Chevy station wagon. He got it on a trade & has plans to sell it, but I'm hoping that we can keep it because it's just the perfect family car for our future life with puppies. Plus, it matches a good many of my outfits. Plus, I love old cars for their soul, their stories, their leg room.
this next car is not ours but I'm fond of its color, patina, and rust (and it matches my outfit, of course). I thought for sure that the house and the car were owned by the same people, but when I asked the lady of the house if I could take a photo next to her truck, she answered "go ahead, that's not my piece of shit truck; I wish it wouldn't park in front of my house all the time." I guess not everyone can see the enduring beauty of an old soul.
this is not my car
We drove the 57' to a hoe-down wedding this weekend, and Pete played the wedding march on his banjo & also a little bit of dueling banjo to entertain the guests. I was so proud of him; he's only been practicing for a few weeks.
pete & his banjo & our 57

our new 57 Chevy stationwagon
I sure do hope that Pete sells some of his other old cars so that we can keep this one. He is currently selling a 1928 Model A and a 1958 Apache truck (just like the one in the photos above but Pete's is done up real nice - show quality). Email me if you're interested.

Yes, I get attached to my cars, but none so much as with an old car. When my first car, a 1960 Ford Falcon, died, I cried & cried and wrote a ballad for her:

Oh my Falcon, my sweet babe,
they have sent you to your grave;
this modern world don't have no room for you.

Harley Riders raised their thumbs
to the rambling hunk of love, and
everyone wanted to buy you
for a thousand dollars.

We rode by the mirrored tower,
two imperfect souls rode on together,
how I'm gonna miss you
baby blue and primer

nearly twice I almost died and
I'm really glad to be alive
but I'm sorry I
couldn't guarantee your survival.

Outfit # 1: 50s shorts (Etsy), 80s cropped polka dot top; vintage Keds (thrifted)
Outfit # 2: 50s beaded dress (Flea Market for $10); bass oxfords (thrifted)


  1. The car is so amazing I love old cars, I would love to have a Mustang from the late 60s. And the truck is brilliant, you look fantastic too, and the song you wrote is sweet! x

  2. What a brilliant car! I often swoon at fancy old cars, but I doubt my abilities to maintain them - I can see them being a serious money-sink with me in charge!]

  3. These pictures are too cute, and this car is fantastic (as is your outfit!) following xo

  4. you two are the cutest. it has to be said.

  5. You're so lovely! Your red shorts are too wonderful.


  6. I adore your 1950s station wagon, here's hoping the two of you get to keep it! My good friend has a Ford Falcon (think it's 1962) that he drives everyday around L.A. I've always wanted a Galaxie but it wouldn't be practical to drive here in Chicago. :(

    The photos of you in the car are adorable, they almost look like snapshots from the era!

  7. Aw,your ballad is lovely!
    That lady's remark cracked me up! Tis true,not eveyone sees beauty the same way!
    That 57 Chevy is TOO DIE FOR! I must show G.Gorgeous beast of a car.My dream car would probably be a pimp type,though.

  8. That is the cutest outfit and from the looks of it, you and that car were meant to be. My hubby wooed me 16 years ago in a ruffed up red '64 Corvair, it was a beautiful thing :)

    I LOVE your ballad!!!

  9. Ladies,

    Thank you for all the good energy concerning getting to keep the 57". Missa - Corvairs are pretty sweet rides; I spent a lot of my youth cruising around in my girlfriend's Corvair; she drove it into the ground & was actually driving on 4 cylinders instead of 6 for who knows how long. Helga- I could totally see you cruising around in a pimp mobile, and I love the image. Thanks for sharing your old car dreams with me, everybody.

  10. What a pretty Chevy! And those red keds are so cute!

  11. Those cars are really beautiful. That ladies comment on the blue truck made me laugh. & I love that your outfits matched the cars :)


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