Thursday, December 15, 2011

fall colors

the cutest truck I've ever seen. for sale too, but unfortunately not enough room in it for all the babies in my life.

How beautiful is my best friend's mid century neighborhood?! We walked around it on a crisp day, admiring all the amazing architecture, oversized cactus, palm fronds, and trees. I was most struck by all the sweet vintage rides. I am definitely going to do a better photo shoot around her neighborhood soon.

Thanks to Desi for taking my photo with my point & shoot Olympus.

Outfit: teal overalls, 80s cheetah body suit, 60s mohair sweater, Bass oxfords (everything thrifted).


  1. Gorgeous photos love the truck and your cardigan the all in one is so cute x

  2. That is a really sweet neighbourhood! Love the pics! you have an amazing blog, I followed you!

  3. All of these photos are so beautiful. It almost looks as if you two are on your way to Disneyland. I was there recently and parked across the street for the first time opposed to their garage and could barley get myself walking towards the park with all of the immaculate mid-century inspiration contained in those little neighborhoods. The third house down is my favorite, I just want to walk around that porch barefoot in the middle of a hot summer night!

  4. You're in the Eichler neighborhood! There are two neighborhoods like that in Orange....We usually go trick or treating there so we can peek inside the houses and see the awesome atriums.

  5. Righto, Robin Graves! The Eichler neighborhood really is frozen in time. I can't believe that my best friend lives there. What a treat for me!

  6. That's so funny because i've been on the mailing list for for years and look at every new listing with envy. i probably saw your friends house when it was for sale. We sometimes go to Eichler open houses just for fun...


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