Tuesday, December 27, 2011

clowning around in a jester dress

Hi! Smiles! I am giddy inside because my photos turned out nicely. This film was perfect for capturing  the super sunny Christmas Eve we spent in the Antelope Valley (though this first photo was taken in North Hollywood, and several of the last photos were taken in San Pedro).  I think I'll admit right here that I don't know much about photography, so a good film can make all the difference. I do however know a thing or two about silly vintage dresses, and this vintage mini "jester" dress is no joke.

In this act, I will scratch up my face with Joshua Tree needles.

my favorite photographer (ok, he's my only photographer but still the sentiment stands).

These next photos of the Jester Queen and the Lemon Princess were taken using Fuji Superia 400 speed film, a few days before Christmas. I hung out with my niece for much of the holiday since I was off work for a few days. I'd hardly call it babysitting though. She is my little bud who accompanies me on hikes ill suited for little legs and lets me hound her incessantly with the camera. She'll even trespass for me.  She is welcome addition to the gang - Anna, my tripod, and me. I call her my vanity alibi because when she's in the frame, it doesn't look like I'm obsessively taking photos of myself.  Why, I'm just taking photos of the cutest lil gal ever.

The last photos in my bag of goodies were taken using the "impossible project" film.  It was my first time using this instant film, and I can't say I'm too happy with the results. The images were very faint so I tweaked them a little in Iphoto.

Well, I'm currently warming my buns in front of the wall heater as I type, listening to the Grateful Dead on record, and intermittently nibbling on random bits of food. I'm satisfied.

Outfit: vintage jester mini dress (Wasteland Vintage in Los Angeles, while shopping with this charming little devil.), Calvin Klein pumps (thrifted).


  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!! They all turned out amazing!

  2. amazing! love it :)



  3. Yay! It looks so so cute... I'm glad you snatched it up. xo

  4. Such lovely photos! I've never used instant film before either, but I love the unreliability of the results!


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