Thursday, December 29, 2011

groping at the drive-in show

Is there anything as fun as making out at the drive-in show? too bad most of them are torn down, gone the way that good old things go. In related news, I've recently become aware that my local RiteAid will stop processing and printing film within the next year. What a profound bummer! Hold tight to the old world, folks, for it is rapidly fading. I'm gonna do my part to keep the good old days alive by skating tonight at the local skate rink, and I compiled some oldies just for you. Hope you enjoy the music.

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Image from tumblr


  1. I wish I was alive when the drive in was glistening. There was once an abandoned one near my home... I often daydreamed about it.. As if I belonged to the times when it were alive.

    Love your blog!

    sending you happy spells

  2. Excellent playlist!!! It reminds me of summer. I just recently discovered Bettye Swann, she's great.

    We have a cute li'l drive-in not so far from me called the Northfield Drive-In; it's good fun, though it's sad to think it's been relegated to "novelty" status :( Have fun rollerskating, that sounds like a ball!

  3. Dakota, that's cool that you have a drive-in theater near your home! I wish that I had one near me and that they played old movies!

    Amy - Thank you for the happy spells!

  4. My best wishes for you in this new year.
    Great blog.

  5. I so badly want to go to a drive in's been too long.


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