Tuesday, December 20, 2011

festively falling off a mechanical bull

Happy holidays, everybody.
my Peteheart and sweet fruit embroidered Nudie suit in the window of the Hard Rock Cafe store on Hollywood Blvd.

with my former teammates, Vulvarine (left) & Kubo (right)

Suzy Snakeyes in her sensational sparking vintage dress!

like  old times, the backwards version of this photo

Last Friday was the Derby Dolls Christmas Soiree. Pete and I made a date night out of it. We went to Musso & Frank's, Hollywood's oldest restaurant, for a most delicious dinner and old fashioned libations. Then we walked around Hollywood Boulevard and stopped to have our photo taken in L.Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland,which was open to the public, before heading over the festivities.

I was excited to see my old skater buddies, but mostly I was excited to ride a mechanical bull for the first time. There are certain activities that I assume I will be naturally good at, mechanical bull riding being one such activity, but alas, El Toro bucked me off instantly without a care in the world for my reputation. Broadzilla told me I was way too stiff, and I guess I was a little self conscious about gyrating atop a mechanical bull. well now I have another new year's resolution. the bull is going down in 2012.

Outfit: 80s angora blue dress, 80s pumps (thrifted), angora cheetah beret (small boutique in Little Tokyo, LA), 1940s plaid coat (recently purchased for $15 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It was so cheap on account of a few moth holes. pssh. who cares about moth holes when a coat looks this good? not me!) 


  1. Looking frigging amazing!
    I can't stay on those damn bull things!X

  2. Hahah - go get that bull!!! 2012 is yours!

  3. Mechanical bulls are the best. Such a daft/motivating challenge!

  4. Awesome blog <3 I love these photos- so much fun!

  5. Gorgeous coat, I've been wanting a '40s plaid coat for ages, can't believe it was so cheap! I've never ridden a mechanical bull before, you're brave to attempt it in a dress. Sadly I never made it to Musso & Franks when I lived in L.A., always wanted to though! What did you have for dinner?

  6. Leilani,
    I ate a pork chop with apple sauce & it was amazing. super juicy and full of flavor. the best I've ever had.


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