Thursday, December 1, 2011

suit up

I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit in my older years, except perhaps without the faux Chanel crop top. (somewhat related side note: I really want this dress, and I have a feeling it’s gonna pop up for me in a thrift store soon. Just putting it out there. Can you feel me thrift store gods?) God, I love a vintage suit. I thrifted this particular one a few weekends ago at Gypsyland in Desert Hot Springs, which sells vintage clothing at thrift store prices. The mother and daughter owners are really cool too. In the same weekend, I bought these sweet sunglasses at the Marni outlet store in Cabazon. It was there that I learned that the full time employees receive three full outfits per season, and part time employees receive two outfits per season. Eeeek! I need a part time job there.

Outfit: vintage 60s houndstooth suit (Gypsyland), Marni sunglasses, Mui Mui slingbacks (super cheap on Ebay, like $30), 60s striped button down, CC Logo crop top, 60s scarf (thrifted).

photos by Jesse & Stacy.


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