Monday, September 13, 2010

Crosses, Horses, and 80s bandage

Had a very relaxing weekend – mostly hanging out with my niece and Pete, car show, impromptu bbq, Trivial Pursuit (80s edition for teens) with friends. I thought it’d be funny, if next time we play Trivial Pursuit, I present an actual piece of pie for the first piece of pie each player earns. I love pie, and friends have started to expect it at my house. I also took a lot of pictures with my new vintage Pentax camera, though none of the pictures turned out, mostly on account of having a dead battery. Blah! I obviously have more to learn. The weather in Long Beach was wacky - windy & chilly at times, other times blazing hot. I suppose I should mentally prepare myself for the inevitable Fall. My wardrobe doesn’t mind Fall, but my soul does. I am Summer’s child.


Outfit: Did you notice that I’m wearing 2 different earrings - a horse & a cross. 80s floral crop top, 80s bandage hot pink skirt, and vintage men’s shirt (everything thrifted). Vintage Teal Dobb's hat (instant gift from a cool old dude that I met once) Just bought the cross necklace at the Farmer’s Market last week. I’ve been looking for a simple cross necklace. Anna is wearing an 80s sun dress & one of my hats.

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