Tuesday, September 28, 2010

color coordinated for stress reduction

I was totally stressed out last week, anxious about the closing of my mother’s estate, and decided I would feel more calm if my books were color coordinated. Here is the fruit of my twisted logic:

color coordinated




My books seem to pop more now, making it easier find a book to compliment my mood. This room serves as a library, sewing, and wardrobe room. It’s pretty much my own room, though Pete likes to lounge on the fainting couch and read when the room is tidy. Most of the time, the room is chaos -- filled with piles of clothes, left over from dress-up or waiting to be sewn. Right now, it’s super clean and I am enjoying it!

I haven’t been taking too many outfit photos because the light is nearly gone by the time I get home from work. Here is a neat, very Fall, outfit I wore the other day. Unfortunately, it’s not the best picture.

Outfit: Vintage 60s/70s sienna coat, (thrifted)80s safari bubble hem romper (Imonni Vintage in Long Beach, a long time ago).

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