Friday, September 24, 2010

John & Mary: Fall inspiration

Mia Farrow is so dang adorable in "John & Mary", a 1969 movie, co-starring Dustin Hoffman. The characters meet at a single bar, have sex, and spend the next day getting to know each other. Mia Farrow's outfits are perfect for Fall. Dig it:

Picture 4
Picture 3
Picture 2

I meant to post more content today, but I guess I didn't upload everything to Flickr. oh well, more later!


  1. Sounds like a cool movie, and Mia Farrow was a doll so I must see it sometime!

  2. That's so funny that you posted this... I JUST watched this for the first time the other day! I had never even heard of it, which surprised me because I love Mia and Dustin. That little brown dress with the lace collar is perfection.



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