Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Inspiration

Kenzo Fall 2010
kate - perfect fall outfit
chunky sweater
beige and teal
vogue 1981
Vogue 1981

Perhaps the only thing I like about Fall is dressing up. I will finally get to break out all my vintage turtlenecks, sweater dresses, boyfriend jackets, over-sized chunky sweaters, long skirts & dresses, scarfs, boots, and tights. Plus, I can wear vintage mohair, menswear, and layers of patterns. It'll also be nice to have some calming Fall colors added to my wardrobe. I am still not delighted by Fall's hasty take-over of Summer, but what can I do.

I am most in love with the first & last pictures from Vogue 1981, styled by Grace Coddington - so simple, yet brilliant. (Originally posted by Nibs Blog) The striped jumpsuit in Fall colors is a vision; I hope I find something like it at the thrift stores.

Oh ya – I’ll be adding some Fall goodies to the shop very soon!

Sources: Fashion Gone Rogue, the Kate Moss Book, Nibs Blog

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