Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Teds

Introducing the formidable, flexible, bold, irreverent, ironic, fashionable, rowdy, rambunctious, dancing, TEDS!
core strength Ted
Dancin’ Ted. This guy has serious core strength.
Old Guy Ted

Bendy Teds
Vain Teds
Vain Teds. Check out their self-portraits on the wall.
piano playing Teds
Piano Playing Teds

Teddy pals
Teddy Pals. I love the draped jackets & the large Triumph belt buckle!
Teddy Girls
Teddy Girls. Dig the gal’s shirt in the middle. She’s wearing a knit shirt, with mesh bodice, and her name is embroidered. Get out!
coolest family ever Teds
Coolest Family Ever Teds
gratuitous Elvis Teds
Gratuitous Elvis Teds
Ted Lovers:

Teddy Bear Ted
Teddy Bear Ted. He looks hugable. What a cute room!
if I were a boy
If I were a boy Ted
scan0007  Dear Teds,  I have looked at your pictures for hours on end, lamenting that people these days don’t dance with abandon like ya’ll once did. These days, I’m always the first on the dance floor, and not once has someone offered to hang me by my feet while I play the piano. There’s a couple of decent dance clubs in Los Angeles, namely, Part Time Punks, and Funky Soul, and one monthly soul club in Long Beach, called Secret Affair, where my good friend, Jesse, djs, but where’s the 50s music? Where are all the honky tonks? I have dreamt often of opening a honky tonk club on a hill in Los Angeles, in an old barn, and calling it “Hog Wild”. Shoes are not required. Fried chicken and pie will be served. Everybody will be showing their butts. Oh, one can dream. Love, Crystal Lee
all pictures scanned from "The Teds", Chris Steele-Perkins, Richard Smith, 1979, Dewi Lewis Publishing, England. The book is full of more awesome pictures. You can purchase it on Amazon.


  1. I would dance my ass off at Hog Wild. This pictures made me sad somehow and also make me wish I was more stylish.

  2. Give me a break, Hadda. You are stylish as all hell - a beautiful, B-movie, bombshell.


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