Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sequoia National Park, CA

Sequoia National Forest_effected
pink wild flowers_effected
pink wild flowers
80s Vision Street Wear fanny pack & "Psycho" High-tops

For Fourth of July weekend, I went camping with my boyfriend and friends in the Seqouias at Dorst Creek campground. I can't think of anything more American to do on this holiday. We saw four California black bears, one doe, one fawn, plus multiple butterflies, and birds. Lounging around streams, climbing rocks, hiking amongst ancient trees, staring up at the stars, we found rejuvination, or at least I did. Sometimes, I daydream about being a ranger -- albeit a ranger in cut-offs, crop tops, and 80s high-tops. Oh blessed summer -- how you make me feel alive! In Fall and Winter, I am like Persephone dragged into Hades to await my reunion with the sun.

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