Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm going back to ole' Kentucky

well, in my imagination. These are some pictures from the "Southern Birthday Tour" I took back in April. My boyfriend, Pete, and I explored the Smokey Mountains, Nashville, and surrounding areas of Tennessee, as well as Bluegrass Country, Kentucky, which included trips to Cumberland Falls, Natural Bridge State Park, Loretta Lynn's Homestead, and Shaker Village. The folks in these parts were so friendly, and there's so many natural parks & historical sites to see. I don't know if I could live there permanently, but I sure as heck could spend Spring there every year.
Minister's Tree House
Minister's Treehouse, Crossville, TN
Crossville, TN
on the farm
teal overalls

Great Smokey Mountains
Butcher Holler
I am a rock 2


Outfits -- all thrifted, pics by me & Pete.


  1. beautiful photos and outfits too, i would love to visit that part of the country, looks dreamy

  2. Your trip looks amazing! My mother is from around there and it is my dream to someday move there.

  3. It's really unbelievable in Spring. Kentucky is part rolling green hills/part wild wilderness. On our way to Cumberland Falls, we looked out at a scenic point and saw trees for as far as the eye could see, all speckled orange, pink, purple. It was enough to make me cry. My camera is too shitty to capture.


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