Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The older I get, the younger I dress.

polka dots and palm trees

I wore this Lolita-esque outfit the other day. I really don’t care about “age-appropriate” dressing; I’m 31, by the way. In fact, I take some pleasure in imaging my older self donning teenage garb, mortifying the youth and my fellow septuagenarians. This outfit is not that crazy or anything, but if you cut my head off, I’d look about 12, I reckon.
Fashion magazines are always advising women on what they should wear given their particular age. I say, wear what you want always.
wearing 50s shirt, shorts, and vintage oxfords. (All thrifted)

Pictures taken by my boyfriend, Pete.


  1. I think you look 100% adorable! Adding your blog to my Google Reader right now.


  2. wow. amazing. i love your look and how much fun you seem to have with your clothes!


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