Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing Dress Up with my BFF

Vision Street Wear

By no means is my childhood best friend, Desiree, interested in playing dress-up as much as I am. But, she indulged me last weekend when we were in the Sequoias, and we had ourselves a time. Her husband, Keenan, took the pictures. The outfits we are wearing are just a small sampling of my 80s collection. Though I was not hip enough or old enough to wear Vision Street Wear or Jimmy Z during the 80s, in my adult years, I have had a steady crush. When I found these Jimmy Z shorts w/attached undies at the thrift store, I squealed so hard under my breath, I nearly burst a forehead vein. Finding either of these labels at the thrift store is rare. Once upon a time, I had a connection in Costa Mesa where I could load up on deadstock Vision Street Wear, but those days are long gone. Now I spend many evenings using the power of thought to bring these items into reality & into my wardrobe.

“Are we not all of us fanatics? I say only what you of the U.S.A. pretend you do not know. Attachments are of great seriousness. Choose your attachments carefully. Choose your temple of fanaticism with great care.”
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

All clothes are 80s vintage & found at the thrift store. (except the Vision Street wear fanny packs & shoes).
All photos taken by Keenan at Crooked Keenan Photography.

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