Thursday, November 11, 2010

There's a Light









All photos taken by my dear friend, Keenan Crook, at Crooked Keenan Photography.

I feel so blessed to have such great girlfriends. I've known Desiree for 20 years & Mikey for almost as long. I have so many memories with these gals. Desiree and I used to walk the railroad tracks at 13-14 years old, late at night, hanging out with hobos, smoking their cigarettes. We'd listen to Al Green underneath the black light, crying to "How can I mend this broken heart." Mikey and I also have a history of crying together. When were 19 and I had just quit my job as an operator to travel to New York, we all headed out to our local canyon for some hiking & to eat mushroom to celebrate change. Mikey and I sat on a rock, filled with empathy for the world's sorrows, crying our eyes out. This was while the other gals had gone back to the car to get some snacks. They came back with a look of surprise on their faces. "What the hell is wrong with you guys." There were to be many more times that we cried together - like when my mother passed away & then her father. But, we always managed to get a few laughs in, even when our thoughts were heavy. Heck, I bet if Mikey is reading this right now, she's crying. These gals keep me humble (by making fun of me constantly). haha. They know me completely and never try to change me. they always let me run a muck, and I appreciate that. To 100 more years of friendship!

Man, I sure wish I could wear a slip about town all the time. It feels so good when the breeze comes through it, especially when you wear an over-sized one like I am in these photos.

Folks, today I have a day off from work, and I intend to spend it catching up on errands, hanging out with my sis, and maybe visiting one of my favorite little towns, San Pedro. It's just over the bridge. Have a great day!

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  1. These are great! You girls look like you were having a blast too. The black and white shot of you peeking around the tree trunk is utterly stunning!


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