Sunday, November 28, 2010

nakedcowgirl vintage: SHOP UDATE

OMG. That took forever. I just added 9 pieces to the shop and it took several hours, and now my back aches & I feel old. But then I think about the awesome pieces in the shop, and I feel better. I bought a photo-studio set up this weekend. It was unspeakably expensive, and I still don't think the lighting is very good in these photos. Pete said that I should take it back, and will just rig something up ourselves. we'll see.

anyway, here are some of my favorite items from today's shop listings:

1950s botanical print dress w/peter pan collar & pintuck detail

50s botancial print dress

Vintage Mauve Mini Trench Coat
vintage mauve trenchcoat

1980s sequin stained-glass bustier (I kept a very similar one for myself)
80s sequin bustier
80s sequin stained-glass bustier

Vintage Handmade Knit Autumn-Colors Cardigan
Autumn Knit
Autumn Knit Long Cardingan

Be sure to check out all my other listings here. I'll be adding more delicious items to the shop throughout the week.

ciao for now,

Crystal Lee


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