Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a rather lucky Halloween in Las Vegas

I don’t think I’ve ever been so lucky in Las Vegas as I was this past Halloween weekend. Pete & I stayed at the Sahara Casino. Built in 1952, the Sahara Casino is Vegas’ oldest casino, where the Rat Pack used to perform on a pretty regular basis. Though, our humble lodging contrasted greatly with Pete’s cousin’s luxurious suite on the top floor of the Bellagio, I truly enjoyed staying at the Sahara. On Saturday night, my lucky streak began. I searched long & hard around the Sahara Casion for a lucky slot machine, and found one with a butterfly theme – the only one of its kind. I won $29 right away, and throughout the course of the weekend, I ended up winning about $150 with this machine. Later that night, we hung out at the Sahara’s Karaoke Bar, and I sang Hot Child in the City by Nick Gilder. Apparently, I was dressed rather puritanically because someone shouted out while I was singing ‘I love Amish girls”. Earlier that day, a coffee barista told me that he liked my Mary Poppins’ style. I am always mistaken for being in costume, which is why I don’t get overly excited about Halloween. Plus, I don’t really like scary things. My luck continued later that night when I won two tickets to the Rick Thomas’ magic show for guessing the costume of our karaoke host. A pretty easy contest for Pete & I, as he was dressed as Hunter S. Thompson.

Look how dramatic I am when I karaoke. Pete was unable to get any pictures of my back bends or high kicks, but this picture is still pretty silly.

This is me dressed as a doll, though you can hardly tell this costume from something I’d wear everyday. I put it together very last minute. Continuing the trend of wearing costumes that are hardly costumes is Pete dressed as my handsome boyfriend.
Rick Thomas
My good luck ensued on our drive home from Vegas when I found a pair of lavender Cole Haan penny loafers at an outlet store at State line for 75% off (pictures to be posted another time), and when we discovered the tiny old town of Nipton. Nipton boasts a population of 20, and is tucked away in the Mojave Desert. Legend has it that Clara Bow, silent movie actress, used to spend quite a lot of time relaxing at the Hotel Nipton. I just love to find little old towns to explore. Pete bought me a lime green beaded cuff bracelet at their local Trading Post. We hope to return to town of Nipton and the Mojave Desert in the Spring time when the desert flowers are in bloom and the desert tortoises come out in droves.
Nipton, CA
crooked fingers on the tracks
Nipton, CA
it's windy in Nipton
I went thrift store shopping in Las Vegas, but came out empty handed, which is pretty ironic, considering this is where I usually have the best luck. I hope ya’ll had a fun Halloween!!!

Outfit # 1): vintage silk pleated skirt, cropped pastel green top, and 70s platforms (everything thrifted), socks from Target, straw hat from Melrose Hattery
Outfit # 2) - my pseudo Halloween outfit: polka dot 70s shortened dress, vintage babydoll swing coat (thrifted), AA tights, Nine West oxfords, big bow headband (Buffalo exchange)
Outfit # 3): 80s cheetah bodysuit & green wool shorts, & 70s platforms (thrifted), straw hat from Melrose Hattery. I just realized that these green wool shorts have made more appearances on my blog than any other item of clothing – 3 times.


  1. glad that Vegas wasn't as terrible as you feared. That said, i don't know about those white socks with your sandals!

  2. Way to go!!
    Bummer about the thrifting,though.
    People often think I'm in costume too,but luckily most people love my way of dressing!
    Love the lime green on you!!!

  3. Those last shots look straight out of an editorial; you and the landscape are both gorgeous!!
    And if I had a nickel for every time I got asked if/why I was in costume I'd be a very wealthy girl ; )

  4. I would have loved to have seen that karaoke performance, nice song choice, btw! I think I'm the only Californian who has never been to Vegas.

    Those green shorts are delightful, I can see why they have made several appearances and I love your new beaded bracelet too :)

  5. Missa,

    I don’t think you’re missing out on much, though the Mojave Desert is worth checking out if you’re in to such landscapes. Vegas ignites the vices big time. Pete witnessed a crazy episode, which I don’t feel comfortable describing over the internet. There are, however, cool shows to go to, and it’s the perfect place to wear lamé or sequins or skimpy dresses, though for some reason I dressed to the contrary. This was one of my favorite trips to Vegas. Usually I get overwhelmed and/or lost. Thanks for the nice comment.

  6. I want to sing karaoke in Vegas with you! And those green shorts are too amazing not to share often. xo


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