Friday, November 19, 2010

I feel it all

this is what I wore:




and this is what I feel:

“Classic blue” gal has taken over my style and put me in Levi’s 501s (the only jeans that fit me right, even my 70s jeans by JTF, an acronym for Jeans that Fit, don’t fit as well as the classic 501s.), and late 80s/early 90s indigo-blue crop knit sweater by Express Tricot. Express (Tricot), known for their adventurous prints & great fit, did some great things in the late 80s/early 90s. I have a lot of their bandage mini skirts in my wardrobe, and I adore em. Today, Express is somewhat of a bland brand, but in their heyday, they were right on. Maybe, I look a little grungy in this outfit on account of the ripped jeans, but generally, I don’t embrace that style. So as not to mislead, I stuck a stormy blue flower in my hair. I hope ya’ll aren’t bored to death of my room, but there was good lighting & it’s not as embarrassing for me posing in my bedroom as it is out on the streets.

I feel inspired and full of life, and I’m taking this energy to the dance floor tonight. I’m going to a monthly juke joint called The Fish Fry. I’m going to wear a bullet bra. It should be a real hoot!

Happy Friday, friends!

Outfit: everything thrifted except the flower from Gardens of Whimsy


  1. The Fish Fry! What a fabulous name!! Have a brillant time,and don't put anyones eye out with that bullet bra,will you?!

  2. three things:

    1. thank you for your comment on my blog.

    2. hot child in the city is my karaoke jam.

    3. you're an adorable creature and i love your blog. i guess that's four things.

    xo joanna

  3. Yes, vintage 501's are the best. In fact I just wore mine the other day, very simple outfit with a little sweater and took outfit photos indoors, which I rarely do, have yet to post.

    That little cropped sweater is perfection. I totally remember Express back in the day! Gosh these photos are pretty, such wonderful light.


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