Saturday, November 27, 2010

a nostalgia for innocence






I spent my Friday in the Orange Circle, browsing the antique shops, with my niece Anna, and my girlfriend, Desiree. Anna found a pair of porcelain doves in one store that she was very fond of. She coddled them & pet them as if they were real & we had to visit them 3x while in the store. Then we got hot chocolates, which Anna spilled all over the cute little 50s dress that I put her in, but I can't be that mad - I'm equally as messy. Then we went for pizza, and I ate until my tummy ached, while Anna picked off the cheese & basically only ate that. I don't know how that gal has so much energy; she truly eats like a bird.

I recently thrifted the innocent-provincial dress I'm wearing in today's post, and instantly thought of this dress from Charles Anastase's Spring 2011 line:
Charles Anastase Spring 2011

Yay! My own almost-Charles Anastase dress. I'm giddy!

Outfit: AA tights, Elie Tahari shoes (thrifted), dress (thrifted).

Thanks to Desi & Pete for taking the photos.
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