Tuesday, January 4, 2011

when you're bad

Once upon a time I was cool. My first car was a 1960 Ford Falcon. Two imperfect souls, we rambled through town, banging in to stuff, and nearly knocking down a garage. The brakes went out on the freeway. I got off at the nearest exit, ran a red light, hit a pole, and my cross necklace detached from my rear view mirror & fell to the dirt floor. I believed in God again. I complained to Pete constantly about all the quirks of this dang vehicle; he wasn't my boyfriend then, but built hot rods, and he told me "that's the price you pay for being cool." now, blasted, I want an old car again or I want Pete to attach that side car to his motorcycle somehow so I can don my bedazzled cape, emblazoned in rhinestone letters "Crystal Lee." He has a side car just waiting for me in his shop, but we're missing parts, he says. I love a gal in an old car or riding a motorcycle. I reckon I'd get a motorcycle myself if I wasn't so dang reckless. There's been some talk that Pete might be getting a motorcycle soon with a seat for me. Believe me folks, you'll know if this dream comes into fruition. Unfortunately, though, he won't let me ride around in short shorts or dresses. Boo! recklessness suppressed.

when you're bad, it looks like this:

a favorite bathing suit
Source: Alex Prager, Scott Trindle, fashion gone rogue
Outfits: my motorcycle parts bathing suit, 80s polka dot 2-piece (photo by Hot Carl). omg, this photo was taken in 2007! yikes!


  1. Ha,yeah,boo to recklessness suppressed! I'd gagging to see you in your bedazzled cape,so this side car better materialise soon!!! I'm a bit of a scaredy cat with motorbikes,but have a lead foot in a car!I'd love a pimp car,but as we already have 2 old vehicles(the Kombi and G's Norton),G has put his foot down.Boo!

  2. OH yeah I SO hear you. My first car was a 1970 HT Kingswood - had that car for a decade and ended up driving her from Brisbane to Adelaide on two gears and five cylinders. Frickin awesome car. Now I drive a soccer mom car and I'm not even a mom, let alone a soccer variety.

    I keep looking at hot cars online and I want one SO BADLY (a pink EK Holden for me thanks, with spats, whitewalls, venetians and a parcel shelf...)... it's kind of like beautiful tattoos... I know I would LOVE it for a minute and then... slowly... regret/remorse... oh gawd... what have I done? The reality would set in.

    Until then I am comfortable in my air con. Sigh.

    Sarah xxx

  3. I love the story of you driving on 2 gears & 5 cylinders across town, Sarah! Helga, I love your Kombi! such fun for road trips!

  4. you are brave with your motorcycle wishes! i am terrified of them. my dream ride is a 1985 mercedes station wagon in cornflower blue. i need it.

  5. there was a small possibility of my fitst car being a 60s muscle car of some kind.. but that never came into light. i ended up with a 2001 for taurus. gross! and the photos you asked about were shot in western mass. at my friend courtneys place. its beautiful up there!

  6. By the end of this post I had Whitesnake's "Here I go again" stuck in my head, thanks ;)

  7. great, now I have that song stuck in my head, Missa. haha! Thanks for all the lovely comments!


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