Monday, January 17, 2011


Here I am kicking up my new Stuart Weitzman shoes, bought at Nordstrom's Rack with a gift certificate. They were on super sale, nearly $300 off the original price.
new shoes
enjoying my lunch break outdoors
unable to resist bbq.
bbq truck
posing in front of passed out drunk dude
hey dude, you're passed out in my photo
admiring my recently thrifted 80s lavender pumps & listening to favorite record by Abner Jay
new to me 80s lavender pumps
drinking soda pop at Joe Jost's, Long Beach's oldest bar.
drinkin soda pop at Joe Jost's, oldest bar in LBC
I've had an enjoyable week filled with soda pop, bbq, and amazing new shoes. There have been some milestones too, including smoking my last cigarette. Yippee! Also, my pops is in town. I took him hiking today. He really enjoyed it until we got to the uphill climb on our way back to the car. My younger brother & his girlfriend hiked back to the car and were going to pick us up, but they got lost, and my dad & I made it back to the car (walking along the road, and resting often in the shade) at the same time as they did. My dad said we had bragging rights, and we sure did. My dad is going up to the mountains for a few days to pray. I reckon I'll be trying to exercise & enjoying my life as a non-smoker.

Thank you for reading my blog, friends.

Outfit # 1: 80s Contempo Casuals leggings,(thrifted) Stuart Weitzman shoes.
Outfit # 2: in mirror, turtleneck, cigarette pants,(thrifted), Cole Haan lavender
Outfit # 3: vintage 50s green gingham dress, vintage leather belt, Bugle Boy sweater (everything thrifted) 50s western tie(etsy)
Outfit #4: 90s boyfriend blazer, 70s lace bell top, 80s leather shorts, 80s lavender pumps (everything thrifted). 50s western tie (etsy)

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  1. Congrats on the no smoking. I quit seven months ago and it's awesome. Seriously awesome. Rock on!

    And HELLO, congrats on the mega bargain amazing shoes - whoa! They are FABULOUS.

    Sarah xxx


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