Wednesday, January 26, 2011

orange creamsicle cowgirl

Sometimes a haywire GPS is a blessing in disguise. On the way to pick up Pete from the Ontario airport, the GPS told me to get off on a street that contradicted my written directions. Taking the word of modern technology, I was led not to the airport, but to a street in which stood The Hat, where you can buy a mean pastrami sandwich, as well as the road to Mount Baldy. After picking Pete up at the airport, we headed out to eat pastrami sandwiches & then hike around a bit in some unchartered territory. I was very much in need of an outdoor walk; My dad is still staying at my house & I’m kind of losing my mind. My dad is always performing and it can be very embarrassing, mortifying even. If a pile of money doesn’t fall into his lap by the end of the week so that he can go minister in Indonesia, he is supposed to be headed back to the South. I need my life back! I will introduce him to you with pictures in a later post.

that’s my red jeep over there. She will never die. Nearly 240,000 miles on her too.

Oh ya, I noticed I have some new followers, and I’m really flattered. Thanks!

Outfit: BDG orange creamsicle dress, which I think was originally from Urban Outfitters; ankle cowboy boots (thrifted), 50s cowboy hat (antique mall)


  1. Oh I totally do not trust (or have) GPS. The one time I used it, it sent me more than 100km further than I needed to go!

    I LOVE that frock/boot/hat combo and I especially love the pic of you in the forest with the light glare. So romantic/natural born killers, in a GOOD way!

    Dad - performing? Minister? Indonesia? South? Need more information!
    Sarah xxx

  2. Parents! Is he a religious minister??? I'm with Sarah-need more information!!!
    Loving the frock,and the idea of a pastrami sandwich...yum.
    GPS?! G and I used it once,quite successfully,driving from LA to Vegas.First and only time I've used one.But we didn't get any exciting excursions to great and unexpected food....G callled it Miss Sweetcheeks.

  3. You are wearing my favorite favorite color in the world, also a color that despise my own skin colouring and is an eyesore for all to see when I clothe myself in it! Also, gosh, the world's famous pastrami sandwich makes my stomach grumble.

    xx Jenny

  4. oh, the hat! i haven't eaten there in a long time...very yummy!
    aren't gps's dumb. i had one in my last car and it always tried to take me some long, ridiculous way. oh well. i guess it worked out in your favor :D our 4 runner has about the same miles on it as your jeep. it's been such an awesome car.
    love your outfit!

  5. I love your outfit oh so much!


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