Wednesday, January 12, 2011

these are my kinfolk

These are my kinfolk. They come from the hills of North Carolina. The cute little kids sitting on the porch steps don’t watch television. Instead, they ride their bikes down long rugged dirt hills, and play in Grandma Eula Mae’s abandoned trailer, looking for snakes. I believe these photos are from 2005 when I went to the South to discover the roots of country music. After being an awestruck tourist in Nashville, TN, I drove through the Appalachians to be with my family in North Carolina. I was thrilled to find that I had an uncle & aunt who owned a ranch with tons of horsies! Everyday, I dressed like a cowgirl, and my family got a kick out of my get-ups. I ate banana puddin’, liver mush, and some of the best biscuits & gravy America has to offer. Of course, I went thrift store shopping & spent an awful lot of time in super-sized Walmarts. Most of my Southern family has never visited California. They are relics of a simpler time. The older ones tell stories about our ancestors, and fascinating tales about my dad -- walking on his hands through the county fair wearing a yellow suit. They know all the country standards. They are god fearing people. They love to bbq. My dad is in town. He drove here all the way from NC. He gave me 2 days notice of his arrival. I would have rather gone to visit him, but he says he can’t stand the cold, and he misses California.


horsey buddy






Springwater, Nashville

That last lavender gingham dress is one of my favorites. I’ve owned it for a really long time and still wear it to fiddle festivals, hoe downs, etc.,

photos taken with a disposable camera.


  1. I really want to visit the South of America, it looks lovely in these pictures. I really love southern 50's fashion! And your dress is beautiful.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Wow - these are like shots from a movie - and I mean that with love! You are so gorgeous and I love that last dress. Makes me want to wear bandanas and do a road trip in an old convertible. But, everything makes me want to wear bandanas and do road trips! Thanks for sharing these great pics.

    Sarah xxx


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