Monday, May 13, 2013

taking shape

a backdrop of jasmine and roses.

I don’t normally wear my hair straight, but I’ve been too much of a beach bum on the weekends to give ten minutes of precious summer time to rolling my hair.  (By that way, I realize that it’s not technically summer, but to me summer will always be a feeling, and I’ve got the feeling.) Thank goodness it takes no effort at all to throw on a vintage dress.

Outfit: vintage 60s knit mini dress (thrifted), sandals (Topshop)


  1. We've got the summer time feeling around here too. It doesn't hurt that it's bright, sunny, and warm outside! Ready for plenty of summer adventures!

  2. Great patterns you have on your dress! And I like your hair color, now it's easier to figure out, when it's rolled.

  3. Looking fab! I love the bold pattern on your '60s dress.

    Summer usually starts around May 1st for me, weather/calendar be damned. Endless summer!

  4. The pattern, the simplicity and the color are just perfect for summer. Love this Ladies Dress.


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