Thursday, May 30, 2013

desert rose

Heya buddies! I’m back from a short trip to Northern Arizona. I’ll share more of my adventures soon, but in the meantime, here’s a  photo of the entrance to the Secret Canyon, a slot canyon in Page, Arizona. The pink and red gradient hues of desert rock, sculpted beautifully by nature, had a profoundly meditative effect upon me.  I could lay all over the cold smooth desert rocks for hours, but alas we were on a tour so it would probably not be appropriate.  Albeit, it was a Hummer tour (a present for Pete’s bday), in which Pete and I were the only two participants, so I could have got away with just about anything. The tour guide, a really swell young man, did his best to live up to my exclamations of Faster, Faster!

Outfit: 70s wrap dress with rose print, motorcycle boots (thrifted).  Also, I’ve been really into perfumes lately, so I wore Decennial’s Lys de Desert perfume. (I only have a sample size now, but definitely want to own a whole bottle- it’s amazing! And you can recall the desert even when working in the office in the city.) I should probably do some posts on all the amazing perfume scents I've discovered. Perhaps a perfume/adventure match-up?

Photo by Pete.


  1. Great rock, I've never been to a desert so I'm looking forward so badly. And since I'm very interested in scent and perfumes, I'm waiting for your upcoming post! Here in Istanbul there is place, where you have many options to mix and create your scent, I'm gonna try...

  2. Such a beautiful image, and wow don't you look stunning in that amazing dress!


  3. Swoon you are looking dreamt my dear!x

  4. your desert ensemble is perfect for dreaming away days on curved rosy rock. sounds like a nice adventure, and yes, adventures are always marked and remembered by scents so that post you're dreaming up sounds perfect!


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