Thursday, May 16, 2013

let us race to the ocean

Beach days start with a trip to Angelo's Italian Deli in Long Beach.
My niece answering the call of the ocean.
Long Beach
keeping my nephew from going too far out into the ocean.
beach reading
new bathing suit bottoms
Sunset Beach, my favorite.
Lately I can’t deny the urge to run into the ocean, and the rapport I have with the waves seems like the most meaningful conversation I could have. I spent Mother’s Day weekend at Sunset Beach. A school of dolphins played within eyes sight on both days. My nephew runs to the water and yells “Agua, Agua!.” I hold him back; he wants desperately to be part of the ocean. He doesn’t understand the danger, he only feels the urge. His little heart is beating fast. I think of my mother, who loved to swim. She was a natural. I recall a trip to Point Pelee National Park in Canada when she dove into Lake Erie and swam incredibly far out like a mermaid returning home, while my sister and I watched her awe-struck and shivering from the shore.
It was foggy but warm outside when I finally took my swim. Have you ever noticed how incredibly hungry you feel after spending time in the ocean?

 Outfit: 50s red shorts (Vets Flea Market); white tshirt, sunhat, Keds (thrifted), watermelon bathing suit bottoms (American Apparel), bathing suit top (DKNY). 


  1. These pics are sooo breathtaking!! And this swimsuit with watermelon patterns is so funny :) I want to swim asap!

  2. Thanks! I'm a sucker for a watermelon print, mostly because it's so symbolic of summer time.

  3. Those bathing suit bottom are SO CUTE!


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