Sunday, December 30, 2012

I contain multitudes.

Hiyeee. I've been cleaning out my computer and have tons of never before seen outfit (and some lifestyle)photos to show you that showcase my Sybil-esque personal style. I've never been able to commit to one genre of clothing, and have no desire to obtain a distinct personal style. I suppose the only constant in my style is that I don't really wear too many new clothing items and most of my clothes are thrifted.  Friends, I hope you enjoy scrolling through, and thanks a bunch for reading my blog.
vintage gold dress and monkey boots (thrifted) worn to Mark Lanegan concert
40s pale pink slip (thrifted)
a self-portrait for my portrait photography class

50s off the shoulder top, 50s cut shorts, Bass loafers (thrifted).
vintage turtleneck dress, motorcycle boots, wild hearts biker belt (thrifted) worn when I want to feel bad ass. Desert Hot Springs, CA.
matchy matchy in Catalina, CA.
50s floral topper, 50s dress, 60s corduroy coat, bass loafers (thrifted)
vintage bathing suit (thrifted) worn for kayaking in Long Beach.
80s striped cap, vintage mustard tshirt, vintage tennis skirt, Keds (thrifted) worn in Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, Canada.
50s teal wool shirt, vintage fuschia skirt (thrifted), JCrew ballet flats worn for selling vintage at Veteran's Flea Market, Long Beach. 
vintage sweater, 70s purse (thrifted), Theyskens theory skirt (Gilt), Vintage Vision St. Wear shoes (Ebay)
60s dress (Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, CA.)
awesome hat I found in Morro Bay, CA. I didn't buy it however.
joyous over foggy summer beach days.
in my own mind. The End.
Happy New Year! Lots of love,

Crystal Lee


  1. Great collection of outfits. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You've had an entire year's worth of fabulous outfits!

  3. Argah you are amazing, I love that you just wear so many different styles, you are too cool for school. That picture with the bed quilt is being saved to my laptop, awesome! xxx

  4. You're the coolest.

  5. Cute outfits! And You're interesting cultural background has resulted in a really beautiful and unique face, if that doesn't sound too weird


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