Tuesday, December 18, 2012

dress in style, go hog wild.

          Heya buckaroos!  I don't know bout you but I like to dress up for any and all occasions.  Sometimes, I'll wear an outfit that suits the occasion, other times I just wear what I please.  In either situation, I always have fun and feel confident in my outfit choice.  How one wears an outfit is more important than what is worn.

          The first outfit, I wear nearly every Fourth of July.  Even though I’m not a terribly festive gal, I am really fond of Independence Day because 1) I get to wear this bandana print halter dress 2) I love fried chicken and pie, traditional American fare.  In fact, every year I bring Albertson’s fried chicken to whatever bbq I’m attending or hosting, and trick the folks that don’t know me into thinking that I made the fried chicken from an old family recipe.  Of course, I can never fib for long and always end up coming clean by the end of the party.  Last 4th of July, I made myself a new funny gal pal with this silly little trick.
         The pink 60s lace dress, I wore while riding my bicycle all over downtown Los Angeles one summer evening after work. We (Ellliott and I) ended the night at the Standard Hotel, where I pretended to play the keyboard in the lobby.
          The last outfit, usually my “square-dancing dress,” was worn for some twirling and two-steppin’ at Cowboy Country, one of the only remaining honky tonks in Southern California.  Cowboy Country was also the filming location for “Thelma and Louise,” where the crime scene that set the girls on the run was shot.  I was a whirling dervish on the dance floor, spun around by a Willie Nelson look a like with black hair.  The only thing that would have made Cowboy Country better would be if classic country music was played.  Then I’d go absolutely nuts!  My date for the night was Kerstin, a lovely lass that I met the weekend before at my friend Jesse’s monthly soul club.  At Cowboy Country, we shared the dance floor and a pork chop, and it was a most memorable evening.

         I think it’s probably pretty obvious from the crappy quality of the images that these photos were shot with a point and shoot film camera, which just confirms how unserious I am in the presentation of what I wear.  Fun over function forever.


Crystal Lee

Outfit # 1: everything thrifted, Outfit # 2: 60s pink dress (Rose Bowl Flea Market), cowboy boots (thrifted), Outfit # 3: everything thrifted. 


  1. OMG you have SUCH a gorgeous smile!
    That first pic is amazing,love that frock!!!
    The pink lace frock is divoon, and the square dancing frock is also rather spesh;I love "Thelma and Louise"!

  2. Ah you are amazing, such a care free spirit. You make me yearn for some cowboy boots xxx

  3. All of these outfits are amazing! I particularly love your bandana dress. Perfection.

  4. these photos look like they're from a fabulous, funky, vintage fashion catalogue

  5. "Fun over function"!! Perfect! I may borrow that one next time one of my wackier get-up gets the side eye!
    I love that last dress. It's too bad the music at Cowboy Country doesn't live up to its rad interior, but it's a neat-sounding place nonetheless.


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