Monday, December 3, 2012

Atlantis park - a vintage playground

Growing up in Orange County, I’m surprised that I never played at Atlantis Park in Garden Grove, a vintage playground built in the early 1960s. In fact, I just recently found out about it from my good pal Jesse. Good thing I have tons of kiddos in my life because adults are not allowed in the park without children, and I really wanted to check this place out. So two weekends ago when it was fairly sunny outside, I took my niece, Anna, and my nephew, Nicolas, to Atlantis park, and we played for hours. If you are an Orange Country resident, I definitely recommend you get yourself some kids and pay a visit to Atlantis.


  1. LOVE Atlantis Playground!!! We did a post about it a while back. We're so lucky to have nieces and nephews - if only to get us into awesome parks!

    1. Of course, you go everywhere cool & old before I do!

  2. Aaaw look at you two gals with matching collars, so fricking adorable! xxx


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