Monday, December 20, 2010

when it rains, I wear a vintage coat or two






Sunday was a lazy rainy day, and I didn't do too much, but I did change my outfit twice just for the heck of it. I'm pretty much ignoring Christmas this year. Everyone deserves one year without Christmas, though it is pretty hard to avoid. I wanted to go to Sephora at the mall yesterday, but the parking lot was a madhouse of desperate Christmas shoppers. Why the mad rush people? Noone needs anything except maybe the poor and hungry. Donate your money instead. Oh goodness, listen to me bashing materialism when I have more clothes than anyone on the planet. The only mitigating factor/justification is that all my clothes are thrifted.

Despite my grinchatude, I still managed to dress up rather festivally, especially my first outfit in which I'm wearing a green sparkle sweater & tweed mini skirt. I recently thrifted the Sherlock Holmes-esque wool cape coat, perfect for all the rain we've been having. It’s unique & cute and not too trendy - a welcome addition to my already overstuffed vintage coat rack. Later in the day, I wore a shortened 60s green dress over my turtleneck & polka dot tights. (You may see this dress in my shop soon.) I think the abstract green floral print mixes well with my vintage cheetah coat.

Pete & I have been spending our rainy days watching entirely too much television. We recently purchased a Roku , a device which makes it possible to stream netflix instant movies to the t.v. Yesterday, we watched “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”, which was so bloody heartwarming, I cried most of the movie. I was a little mad at Pete for that movie choice because I was not expecting to have mushy heart for nearly an hour & my nose was super stuffed on account of torrential tears. Then, we watched a documentary on 60s girl groups. I think my favorite 60s girl group is The Ronettes, though I always get super bummed with Ronnie Spector for letting Phil Spector abuse her and take her away from all her friends & family. Of course, what I should be doing with my time during this rainy season is reading more. I recently started Colette’s “Claudine at School,” though I should be reading “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.” The new year is fast approaching, and I’ve been lacks in preparing myself for my goal to quit smoking. Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions?

Ciao for now.

Crystal Lee

Outfit # 1- vintage sparkly green turtleneck, vintage tweed mini skirt, Sherlock Holmes cape coat, and monkey boots, (thrifted). I can’t remember where I bought the polka dot tights, but I believe they are made by Hue.

Outfit # 2 - 60s green shortened dress, vintage cheetah coat (thrifted)


  1. I agree, I think most people have an un-christmassy year. Mine was last year, so I'm making up for it this year. My family and I are doing quite a lot of homemade gifts, which just gets you in the spirit so much more!
    I love your tweed skirt, it's so cute!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I love every piece of clothing in this post!Especially the leopard coat,Sherlock cape and lurex sweater!
    I always have an unchristmassy year,I just never feel it! It won't hurt for you to have just one!
    O,I get quite wild over tales like Ronnie's,I just can't understand how they can let it happen,but I guess it's a state of mind that they get moved into?I imagine you have to be in that position to truly understand.Hateful beast,that Phil.I love the Ronettes,all those 60's girl bands are quite amazing,actually.
    I'm so pleased the frock arrived!I look forward to seeing you rock it;I've always loved it and am pleased it's gone to a good home.
    I've always meant to read some Colette,I read a biography about her a few eyars back,interesting woman.I always read bios before I get into the artists work!

  3. When it snows, I like to take mine off....I'm the Naked Cowgirl in times Square!

  4. Naked cowgirl in Times Square -- You are rad!


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