Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Gang, I think I got back the Christmas spirit back. Pete & I spent yesterday and today in Big Bear playing in the snow, going on mini-hikes near the lake, in the sequoias groves, amongst the bramble, the pine trees, and snow covered marsh, all the while taking photographs with my vintage film camera. We ate a lot of good food in old log cabin restaurants and the whole town was full of holiday cheer. On our way up the hill, the "Rim of the World" highway, we road above heavy rain clouds much of the way. It was very surreal and kind of disorienting, but a sight to behold. On the way home, the sky was clear and nearly cloudless. We were greeted with a majestic view. Merry Christmas!
above the clouds

vintage calvin klein denim jumpsuit









Big Bear Lake on Christmas Eve

Outfit: vintage calvin klein denim jumpsuit, 80s splatter pain moon boots, long pom pom scarf (everything thrifted).

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